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Torlock was created with one thing in mind... THE USER. For too long we saw good sites go bad with all the fake stuff out there.We know how annoying it is for a user to go through all the fake torrents in order to find the real ones, so we decided to provide theuser with a "clean" experience. When downloading from Torlock you know that you are downloading the real thing. No Fakes here.We spent hundreds of hours developing a program that will remove all the fake torrents and only list all the verified stuff.We also pride ourselves in providing the latest releases as soon as they are released. We are so sure about our site that weeven offer users $1 per fake they find on our site. It helps to motivate us to be sure we always offer the best and cleanest service.Be sure to make Torlock your Download Destination as we offer the Biggest selection of Verified Torrents on the Internet.


  1. Torlock was created in 2010.
  2. Torlock is the only site with over 1 000 000 Verified Torrents
  3. Torlock is the only site to offer users money to point out fake Torrents on Torlock.
  4. Torlock is the only site to run a program to verify more than 99% of it's Torrents.
  5. Torlock is the only site to have 100% Verified Torrents.