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We welcome and value your feedback. Please check our FAQ section as most information is written there already. This form isn't a torrent support form. For torrent support, please Google your questions. If you are requesting content to be removed from the site, please visit our copyright section. If you fail to send it to the correct email then it will not be responded to. As stated visit the copyright section to send it to the right email.

For URGENT matters you can also contact . (No Take Down requests will be handeled on this email)

Report a Fake and Receive $1

Simply take the url(s) of the fake torrent(s) and paste it into the message box.
Remember to give a valid email where we can get in contact with you to discuss the torrent(s) in question and arrange payment.

We don't control other websites, so we can't offer money for fakes found on those websites.

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