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This torrent has been verified!This torrent has been verified to be real and without virusses.
Size:9 MB in 64 files
Added:Uploaded on 15-12-2011 by our crawler pet called "Spidey".
Swarm:145 seeders & 1 leechers
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A little but very serious ragdoll game in small size. This is the game where beginners can beat hardcore players. Controls: Player1: arrows, backspace, enter Player2: wsad, shift, control to quit game or hidden part.

1. Download the torrent.
2. Open the Sumotori Dreams folder.
3. Start the game with ''sumofull.exe''
4. Have fun!


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Torrent Files Size
Sumoeditor/asm.txt 2.3 KB
Sumoeditor/edited.txt 1022 B
Sumoeditor/sumoeditor.exe 372 KB
Sumoeditor/tex00000.tga 192 KB
Sumoeditor/tex00001.tga 192 KB
Sumoeditor/tex00002.tga 192 KB
Sumoeditor/tex00003.tga 192 KB
Sumoeditor/tex00004.tga 192 KB
Sumoeditor/tex00005.tga 192 KB
Sumoeditor/tex00006.tga 192 KB
Sumoeditor/tex00007.tga 192 KB
Sumoeditor/tex00008.tga 192 KB
Sumoeditor/tex00009.tga 192 KB
Sumoeditor/tex00010.tga 192 KB
Sumoeditor/tex00011.tga 192 KB
Sumoeditor/tex00012.tga 192 KB
Sumoeditor/tex00013.tga 192 KB
Sumoeditor/tex00014.tga 192 KB
Sumoeditor/tex00015.tga 192 KB
Sumoeditor/tex00016.tga 192 KB
Sumoeditor/tex00017.tga 192 KB
Sumoeditor/tex00018.tga 192 KB
Sumoeditor/tex00019.tga 192 KB
Sumoeditor/tex00020.tga 192 KB
Sumoeditor/tex00021.tga 192 KB
Sumoeditor/tex00022.tga 192 KB
Sumotori Dreams/agam2.smo 1.7 KB
Sumotori Dreams/Bridge 2.smo 923 B
Sumotori Dreams/Bridge.smo 402 B
Sumotori Dreams/Cage.smo 1.5 KB
Sumotori Dreams/Empty.smo 0 B
Sumotori Dreams/High Fall.smo 1.3 KB
Sumotori Dreams/House.smo 932 B
Sumotori Dreams/On Ice.smo 3.5 KB
Sumotori Dreams/Planko.smo 3.1 KB
Sumotori Dreams/Pole.smo 515 B
Sumotori Dreams/Slide.smo 921 B
Sumotori Dreams/Soccer.smo 1.8 KB
Sumotori Dreams/sumofull.exe 372 KB
Sumotori Dreams/tex00000.tga 192 KB
Sumotori Dreams/tex00001.tga 192 KB
Sumotori Dreams/tex00002.tga 192 KB
Sumotori Dreams/tex00003.tga 192 KB
Sumotori Dreams/tex00004.tga 192 KB
Sumotori Dreams/tex00005.tga 192 KB
Sumotori Dreams/tex00006.tga 192 KB
Sumotori Dreams/tex00007.tga 192 KB
Sumotori Dreams/tex00008.tga 192 KB
Sumotori Dreams/tex00009.tga 192 KB
Sumotori Dreams/tex00010.tga 192 KB
Sumotori Dreams/tex00011.tga 192 KB
Sumotori Dreams/tex00012.tga 192 KB
Sumotori Dreams/tex00013.tga 192 KB
Sumotori Dreams/tex00014.tga 192 KB
Sumotori Dreams/tex00015.tga 192 KB
Sumotori Dreams/tex00016.tga 192 KB
Sumotori Dreams/tex00017.tga 192 KB
Sumotori Dreams/tex00018.tga 192 KB
Sumotori Dreams/tex00019.tga 192 KB
Sumotori Dreams/tex00020.tga 192 KB
Sumotori Dreams/tex00021.tga 192 KB
Sumotori Dreams/tex00022.tga 192 KB
Sumotori Dreams/Toilet.smo 964 B
Sumotori Dreams/Tower.smo 1.8 KB

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