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Microsoft Office ProPlus 2013 VL x64 en-US Oct2013Name:Microsoft Office ProPlus 2013 VL x64 en-US Oct2013.torrent
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* Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 VL Channel *

murphy78 presents Microsoft Office ProPlus x64 VL 2013 Oct2013
Contains KB files current to Oct26-2013


Release File:
Size: 1.43GiB
SHA-1: ABA700ACF4EF0427920B22F7AADEBB5A82650B1F

MSP files added to Updates Folder:
access-x-none, accessintl-en-us, ace-x-none, branding-en-us, clview-x-none,
convintl-en-us, csi-x-none, excel-x-none, excelintl-en-us, excelpp-x-none,
excelppintl-en-us, exppdf-x-none, filterpack-x-none, fpsrvutl-x-none,
groove-x-none, grooveintl-en-us, infopath-x-none, lync-x-none,
lyncintl-en-us, msmipc-x-none, msointl-en-us, msores-x-none,
nlgmsproof-x-none, oart-x-none, oleo-x-none, onenote-x-none,
onenoteintl-en-us, orgidcrl-x-none, oscfb-x-none, osetup-x-none,
osfclient-x-none, osfclientintl-en-us, outexum-x-none, outlfltr-x-none,
outlook-x-none, outlookintl-en-us, peopledatahandler-x-none,
powerpoint-x-none, powerpointintl-en-us, ppaddin-x-none, project-x-none,
proof-en-us, proof-es-es, proof-fr-fr, publisher-x-none, riched20-x-none,
setupexe-x-none, stsupld-x-none, urlredirection-x-none, visio-x-none,
visiointl-en-us, vsto-x-none, vviewer-x-none, word-x-none, wordintl-en-us,

*One decent sized patch did not like to be integrated in the Updates folder.
I've put the mso-x-none.msp patch file for KB2827228 in a folder on the
ISO. Windows Update currently lists 2 KBfiles that both use the same
patch. Simply run the mso-x-none.msp file to satisfy Windows Update.*

You can activate using Microsoft Toolkit (Link in folder)
Click the Office button, then Activation tab, etc.

Currently MTK does not yet activate KMS v6 which comes in the
latest build of *Windows 8.1*. There are starting to be methods and servers
that can handle O2013 KMS activation, but I will not discuss them. You
should read up on MDL for KMS activation progress including offline
activator progress. Please try to do a bit of searching and reading before

murphy78 - Testing, ISO Design/Integration

Enjoy Pirates,


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