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Olympus Griddlers (Puzzle,Arcade,Platform) ~ Maraya21

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Olympus Griddlers (Puzzle,Arcade,Platform)  ~ Maraya21Name:Olympus Griddlers (Puzzle,Arcade,Platform) ~ Maraya21.torrent
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Olympus Griddlers

The legendary Mount Olympus needs a new hero! With 120 unique levels, 6 luxurious stages in the style of Greece, new and improved controls, and a trophy room with more than 15 luxurious trophies, you'll help the Gods to decode the ancient scrolls and become a hero of the legends of ancient Greece.

-The legendary Mount Olympus needs a new hero!
-6 luxurious halls - 6 tests from Zeus, Athena, Hermes and the other Gods of Mount Olympus!
-120 original levels and more than 10 hours of gameplay.
-A trophy room and more than 15 luxurious trophies.
-Help the Gods of Mount Olympus to decode ancient scrolls!

System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP or better.
Processor: Pentium 4 or better.
Processor Speed: 1GHz or better.
Video Driver:DirectX 9 or better.
Hard Drive: 50 MB free hard drive space or more.
Resolution: 1024x768 or higher.

Please be aware that i want to seed 24h/d, however with a really old laptop, a connection of U:70.0 kB/s and multiple seeds
simultaneously my contribution will not be enough. Therefore, please seed what you leeched. Fair-Share




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Olympus Griddlers.jpg 23.1 KB
Olympus Griddlers/d3dx9_43.dll 1.9 MB
Olympus Griddlers/EaxAc3.dll 60 KB
Olympus Griddlers/fsdata/splash1.png 16 KB
Olympus Griddlers/fsdata/splash2.png 193.5 KB
Olympus Griddlers/glcfg.date 700 B
Olympus Griddlers/msvcp120.dll 444.7 KB
Olympus Griddlers/msvcr120.dll 948.2 KB
Olympus Griddlers/ogg.dll 48 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Olympus Griddlers.exe 4.5 MB
Olympus Griddlers/OpenAL32.dll 156 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/data.xml 838 B
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/de 486.9 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/en 486.4 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/ru 223.6 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/audio/music 4.7 MB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/audio/sound 369.2 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/bin 23.1 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/font 476.4 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/fx 21.4 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/image/game_screen 814 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/image/gui 1.5 MB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/image/help_window 689.8 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/image/level_screen 63.6 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/image/loading_screen 62.4 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/image/pack_screen 461.2 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/image/shop_window 465.9 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/image/title_screen 1.5 MB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/image/trophies_screen 962.2 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/image/tutorial_window 14.9 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/main/GameProcess 16.2 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/main/other 231.8 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/main/scenes/confirms 34.3 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/main/scenes/credits 29.3 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/main/scenes/game_screen 25.9 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/main/scenes/help 21.1 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/main/scenes/levels 10.1 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/main/scenes/options 10.1 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/main/scenes/other 70.6 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/main/scenes/packs 29.1 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/main/scenes/players 8.1 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/main/scenes/store 29.6 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/main/scenes/title 9.1 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/main/scenes/training 2.4 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/data/share/main/scenes/trophy 52.4 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/game.xml 577 B
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/Pack01 324.2 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/Pack02 327.6 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/Pack03 467.6 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/Pack04 484.5 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/Pack05 536.5 KB
Olympus Griddlers/Resources/Pack06 522.7 KB
Olympus Griddlers/stdat.dat 2 KB
Olympus Griddlers/vorbis.dll 952 KB
Olympus Griddlers/vorbisfile.dll 28 KB
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