James Brown - Essential Original Albums (2018) [FLAC]

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James Brown - Essential Original Albums <span style=color:#777>(2018)</span> [FLAC]

James Brown - Essential Original Albums (2018) [FLAC].torrent
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Artist: James Brown
Title: Essential Original Albums
Year Of Release: 2018
Label: Masters of Music [545517]
Genre: Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Funk
Quality: FLAC (tracks+cue,log,scans)
Total Time: 3:27:59
Total Size: 1.04 GB

CD 1:
01. Please, Please, Please
02. Chonnie-On-Chon
03. Hold My Baby's Hand
04. I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On
05. Just Won't Do Right
06. Baby Cries Over The Ocean
07. I Don't Know
08. Tell Me What I Did Wrong
09. Try Me
10. That Dood It
11. Begging, Begging
12. I Walked Alone
13. No, No, No, No
14. That's When I Lost My Heart
15. Let's Make It
16. Love Or A Game
17. Think
18. Good Good Lovin'
19. Wonder When You're Coming Home
20. I'll Go Crazy
21. This Old Heart
22. I Know It's True
23. Bewildered
24. I'll Never Let You Go
25. You've Got The Power
26. If You Want Me
27. Baby, You're Right
28. So Long

CD 2:
01. Mashed Potatoes U.S.A.
02. Choo-Choo Locomotion
03. Three Hearts In A Tangle
04. Doin' The Limbo
05. I Don't Care
06. Joggin' Along
07. I've Got Money
08. Sticky
09. Like A Baby
10. Every Beat Of My Heart
11. In The Wee Wee Hours
12. Cross Firing
13. Hold It
14. The Scratch
15. Night Train
16. The Wobble
17. Night Flying
18. Just A Little Bit Of Everything
19. Doin' Everything
20. Suds
21. Tonk Game
22. Switch-A-Roo
23. Bushy Tail

CD 3:
01. Just You And Me, Darling
02. I Love You, Yes I Do
03. I Don't Mind
04. Come Over Here
05. The Bells
06. Love, Don't Love Nobody
07. Dancin' Little Thing
08. Lost Someone
09. And I Do Just What I Want
10. You Don't Have To Go
11. Tell Me What You're Gonna Do
12. Shout And Shimmy
13. Have Mercy Baby
14. It Was You
15. There Must Be A Reason
16. Fine Old Foxy Self
17. I've Got To Change
18. Gonna Try
19. I Want You So Bad
20. It Hurts To Tell You
21. I Won't Plead No More
22. Don't Let It Happen To Me
23. Can't Be The Same
24. Messin' With The Blues
25. You're Mine, You're Mine
26. Strange Things Happen
27. Why Do You Do Me
28. Hot Chilli


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Files in this torrent

disc 1/01. James Brown - Please Please Please.flac12.5 MB
disc 1/02. James Brown - Chonnie On Chon.flac10.5 MB
disc 1/03. James Brown - Hold My Baby's Hand.flac9.9 MB
disc 1/04. James Brown - I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On.flac11.9 MB
disc 1/05. James Brown - Just Won't Do Right.flac11.6 MB
disc 1/06. James Brown - Baby Cries Over The Ocean.flac11.5 MB
disc 1/07. James Brown - I Don't Know.flac13 MB
disc 1/08. James Brown - Tell Me What I Did Wrong.flac15.5 MB
disc 1/09. James Brown - Try Me.flac14.4 MB
disc 1/10. James Brown - That Dood It.flac14.7 MB
disc 1/11. James Brown - Begging Begging.flac16.9 MB
disc 1/12. James Brown - I Walked Alone.flac15.8 MB
disc 1/13. James Brown - No No No No.flac9.9 MB
disc 1/14. James Brown - That's When I Lost My Heart.flac17.2 MB
disc 1/15. James Brown - Let's Make It.flac11.1 MB
disc 1/16. James Brown - Love Or A Game.flac10.6 MB
disc 1/17. James Brown - Think.flac15.1 MB
disc 1/18. James Brown - Good Good Lovin'.flac12.1 MB
disc 1/19. James Brown - Wonder When You're Coming Home.flac12.9 MB
disc 1/20. James Brown - I'll Go Crazy.flac11.8 MB
disc 1/21. James Brown - This Old Heart.flac11.9 MB
disc 1/22. James Brown - I Know It's True.flac14.1 MB
disc 1/23. James Brown - Bewildered.flac13.1 MB
disc 1/24. James Brown - I'll Never Never Let You Go.flac12.7 MB
disc 1/25. James Brown - You've Got The Power.flac11 MB
disc 1/26. James Brown - If You Want Me.flac10.6 MB
disc 1/27. James Brown - Baby You're Right.flac15.1 MB
disc 1/28. James Brown - So Long.flac14.2 MB
disc 1/cover.jpg39.8 KB
disc 1/Essential Original Albums.cue5.3 KB
disc 1/James Brown - Essential Original Albums.log51.7 KB
disc 1/James Brown - Essential Original Albums.m3u2.4 KB
disc 2/01. James Brown - Mashed Potatoes U.S.A..flac14.1 MB
disc 2/02. James Brown - Choo Choo Locomotion.flac14.2 MB
disc 2/03. James Brown - Three Hearts In A Tangle.flac13.2 MB
disc 2/04. James Brown - Doin' The Limbo.flac11.7 MB
disc 2/05. James Brown - I Don't Care.flac11.9 MB
disc 2/06. James Brown - Joggin' Along.flac10.2 MB
disc 2/07. James Brown - I've Got Money.flac12 MB
disc 2/08. James Brown - Sticky.flac12.8 MB
disc 2/09. James Brown - Like A Baby.flac12.4 MB
disc 2/10. James Brown - Every Beat Of My Heart.flac14.7 MB
disc 2/11. James Brown - In The Wee Wee Hours.flac12.5 MB
disc 2/12. James Brown - Cross Firing.flac12.1 MB
disc 2/13. James Brown - Hold It.flac8.6 MB
disc 2/14. James Brown - The Scratch.flac6.9 MB
disc 2/15. James Brown - Night Train.flac15.3 MB
disc 2/16. James Brown - The Wobble.flac12.8 MB
disc 2/17. James Brown - Night Flying.flac9.8 MB
disc 2/18. James Brown - Just A Little Bit Of Everything.flac17.1 MB
disc 2/19. James Brown - Doin' Everything.flac15.5 MB
disc 2/20. James Brown - Suds.flac10.3 MB
disc 2/21. James Brown - Tonk Game.flac14.3 MB
disc 2/22. James Brown - Switch-A-Roo.flac17.1 MB
disc 2/23. James Brown - Bushy Tail.flac14.8 MB
disc 2/cover.jpg39.8 KB
disc 2/Essential Original Albums.cue4.3 KB
disc 2/James Brown - Essential Original Albums.log46.6 KB
disc 2/James Brown - Essential Original Albums.m3u1.8 KB
disc 3/01. James Brown - Just You And Me Darling.flac12.3 MB
disc 3/02. James Brown - I Love You Yes I Do.flac16 MB
disc 3/03. James Brown - I Don't Mind.flac8.9 MB
disc 3/04. James Brown - Come Over Here.flac14.4 MB
disc 3/05. James Brown - The Bells.flac13.6 MB
disc 3/06. James Brown - Love Don't Love Nobody.flac11.8 MB
disc 3/07. James Brown - Dancin' Little Thing.flac8.5 MB
disc 3/08. James Brown - Lost Someone.flac14.2 MB
disc 3/09. James Brown - And I Do Just What I Want.flac11.8 MB
disc 3/10. James Brown - You Don't Have To Go.flac15.4 MB
disc 3/11. James Brown - Tell Me What You're Gonna Do.flac10.5 MB
disc 3/12. James Brown - Shout And Shimmy.flac19.6 MB
disc 3/13. James Brown - Have Mercy Baby.flac12.6 MB
disc 3/14. James Brown - It Was You.flac15.5 MB
disc 3/15. James Brown - There Must Be A Reason.flac14.6 MB
disc 3/16. James Brown - Fine Old Foxy Self.flac13.1 MB
disc 3/17. James Brown - I've Got To Change.flac14.5 MB
disc 3/18. James Brown - Gonna Try.flac13.7 MB
disc 3/19. James Brown - I Want You So Bad.flac15.9 MB
disc 3/20. James Brown - It Hurts To Tell You.flac15.7 MB
disc 3/21. James Brown - I Won't Plead No More.flac13.5 MB
disc 3/22. James Brown - Don't Let It Happen To Me.flac16.2 MB
disc 3/23. James Brown - Can't Be The Same [Bonus].flac12.9 MB
disc 3/24. James Brown - Messin' With The Blues [Bonus].flac13.1 MB
disc 3/25. James Brown - You're Mine You're Mine [Bonus].flac14.6 MB
disc 3/26. James Brown - Strange Things Happen.flac8.4 MB
disc 3/27. James Brown - Why Do You Do Me.flac11.9 MB
disc 3/28. James Brown - Hot Chilli.flac14.2 MB
disc 3/cover.jpg39.8 KB
disc 3/Essential Original Albums.cue5.4 KB
disc 3/James Brown - Essential Original Albums.log51.9 KB
disc 3/James Brown - Essential Original Albums.m3u2.5 KB
scans/cover.jpg39.8 KB
scans/James Brown - Essential Original Albums (1).jpg4.6 MB
scans/James Brown - Essential Original Albums (10).jpg2.3 MB
scans/James Brown - Essential Original Albums (11).jpg2.2 MB
scans/James Brown - Essential Original Albums (12).jpg2.1 MB
scans/James Brown - Essential Original Albums (2).jpg2.8 MB
scans/James Brown - Essential Original Albums (3).jpg2.2 MB
scans/James Brown - Essential Original Albums (4).jpg2.4 MB

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