Shameless US Season 4 S04 720p X265 HEVC Complete[fs87]

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Shameless US Season 4 S04 720p x265 HEVC Complete[fs87]

Shameless US Season 4 S04 720p x265 HEVC Complete[fs87].torrent
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Shameless US (2011) Season 4 S04 HD 720p x265 HEVC Complete

Now that Fiona has a steady job and Lip is enrolled in college, it looks like the Gallaghers may have a shot at happiness. But when you're down and out, moving up isn't so easy.

Frank's liver fails, forcing him to find a donor or live out his last days, Carl takes it on himself to find him an organ donor. When the other Gallaghers refuse to help their father, Frank tracks down his eldest child for help.

Fiona has a good relationship with her boss but cheats on him with his brother and is arrested when Liam tries cocaine at a house party and is hospitalized. Debbie attempts to reinvent herself. Ian comes back from the army drastically changed. Veronica finds out that she's pregnant with triplets, and Kevin reveals that the bar is losing money, Carol refuses her request to abort her own baby.



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Shameless.US.S04E01.720p.x265.HEVC[fs87].mkv384.3 MB
Shameless.US.S04E02.720p.x265.HEVC[fs87].mkv364.9 MB
Shameless.US.S04E03.720p.x265.HEVC[fs87].mkv388.6 MB
Shameless.US.S04E04.720p.x265.HEVC[fs87].mkv373.2 MB
Shameless.US.S04E05.720p.x265.HEVC[fs87].mkv350.7 MB
Shameless.US.S04E06.720p.x265.HEVC[fs87].mkv331.7 MB
Shameless.US.S04E07.720p.x265.HEVC[fs87].mkv326.7 MB
Shameless.US.S04E08.720p.x265.HEVC[fs87].mkv336.4 MB
Shameless.US.S04E09.720p.x265.HEVC[fs87].mkv388.5 MB
Shameless.US.S04E10.720p.x265.HEVC[fs87].mkv332.2 MB
Shameless.US.S04E11.720p.x265.HEVC[fs87].mkv308 MB
Shameless.US.S04E12.720p.x265.HEVC[fs87].mkv392.9 MB

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