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Naughty Shorts_ True Stories of Sex    by Jesse Lawler EPUBNaughty Shorts_ True Stories of Sex    by Jesse Lawler EPUB

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Naughty Shorts: True Stories of Sex .. by Jesse Lawler EPUB

Over the course of a career in Employee Relations, an inordinate amount of my time and energy has been spent with soon-to-be-former employees who had crashed their careers at the intersection of Bad Choice Boulevard and Sex Drive. These workplace disasters bring out the voyeurism, Schadenfreude, and plain old warped sense of humor in all of us. And so . . . from my naïve colleague who called our CEO a dildo, to the employee caught on videotape licking door handles in the company parking garage, their stories must be told! “...the entertainment factor is consistent and the laughs should come easily for readers who fancy the awkwardness of workplace weirdness. A collection full of office disasters, ideal for readers who need a refresher course on the consequences of impropriety." -Kirkus Reviews“[Naughty Shorts] is not a ‘sex’ book. It’s not dirty. It’s funny. The author’s a good writer. He has a way of keeping the reader interested to the very last paragraph...anybody who enjoys a slightly naughty read and a good laugh will find this fun. 5 Stars” -The Wishing Shelf Book Awards



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