Shakespeare And Hathaway-Private Investigators-S01--2018-BBC-720p-w Subs-x265-HEVC

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Shakespeare and Hathaway-Private Investigators-S01--2018-BBC-720p-w subs-x265-HEVCShakespeare and Hathaway-Private Investigators-S01--2018-BBC-720p-w subs-x265-HEVC

Shakespeare and Hathaway-Private Investigators-S01--2018-BBC-720p-w subs-x265-HEVC.torrent
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Shakespeare & Hathaway - Private Investigators - Series 1

Comedy drama about an oddball couple of private detectives who investigate crime in Stratford-upon-Avon

BBC (2018) - 10 Episodes

1280x720 resolution - MP4 files

Video Codec h.265/HEVC !!!

Audio Codec AAC

With subtitles - Enjoy !!

O Brave New World
1/10 Frank Hathaway finds an unlikely partner in Lu Shakespeare during a murder case.

The Chimes at Midnight
2/10 Frank and Lu meet some eccentric residents when investigating a death at a care home.

This Promised End
3/10 An undertaker is given only 24 hours to live by two mysterious hitmen.

This Rough Magic
4/10 A woman dies in a magic trick gone gruesomely wrong.

Toil and Trouble
5/10 Lu and Frank try to exonerate a local criminal when the mayor is murdered.

Exit, Pursued by a Bear
6/10 Frank and Lu investigate death threats made against a former soap star.

The Fairest Show Means Most Deceit
7/10 A workplace compensation claim is not as straightforward as it first seems.

The Chameleon's Dish
8/10 Frank and Lu struggle to protect a troubled teen who suffers from premonitions of murder.

The Rascal Cook
9/10 Frank and Lu feel the heat when they investigate a campaign of culinary sabotage.

Ill Met by Moonlight
10/10 Frank and Lu must recover a precious jewel and a rebellious teenager.


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Shakespeare.and.Hathaway-Private.Investigators-S01E07-The.Fairest.Show.Means.Most.Deceit.mp4228.6 MB
Shakespeare.and.Hathaway-Private.Investigators-S01E08-The.Chameleons.Dish.mp4262.3 MB
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