Elena Of Avalor S01 2020 1080p DSNP+ WEB-DL Hin-Multi AAC 2 0 H264-Telly

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Elena of Avalor S01 2020 1080p DSNP+ WEB-DL Hin-Multi AAC 2 0 H264-Telly
Elena of Avalor S01 2020 1080p DSNP+ WEB-DL Hin-Multi AAC 2 0 H264-Telly

Elena of Avalor S01 2020 1080p DSNP+ WEB-DL Hin-Multi AAC 2 0 H264-Telly.torrent
9.6 GB in 27 files
Uploaded on 02-04-2020 by our crawler pet called "Spidey".
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Files in this torrent

Elena of Avalor S1E1 First Day of Rule.1080p.DSNP+.WEB-DL.Hin-Multi.AAC.2.0.H264-Telly.mkv450.4 MB
Elena of Avalor S1E10 the Scepter of Light.1080p.DSNP+.WEB-DL.Hin-Multi.AAC.2.0.H264-Telly.mkv352.2 MB
Elena of Avalor S1E11 Navidad.1080p.DSNP+.WEB-DL.Hin-Multi.AAC.2.0.H264-Telly.mkv443.5 MB
Elena of Avalor S1E12 Olaball.1080p.DSNP+.WEB-DL.Hin-Multi.AAC.2.0.H264-Telly.mkv386.9 MB
Elena of Avalor S1E13 Flight of the Jaquins.1080p.DSNP+.WEB-DL.Hin-Multi.AAC.2.0.H264-Telly.mkv491.2 MB
Elena of Avalor S1E14 Crystal in the Rough.1080p.DSNP+.WEB-DL.Hin-Multi.AAC.2.0.H264-Telly.mkv364.4 MB
Elena of Avalor S1E15 the Princess Knight.1080p.DSNP+.WEB-DL.Hin-Multi.AAC.2.0.H264-Telly.mkv318.6 MB
Elena of Avalor S1E16 Captain Turner Returns.1080p.DSNP+.WEB-DL.Hin-Multi.AAC.2.0.H264-Telly.mkv303.8 MB
Elena of Avalor S1E17 King of the Carnaval.1080p.DSNP+.WEB-DL.Hin-Multi.AAC.2.0.H264-Telly.mkv338.8 MB
Elena of Avalor S1E18 My Fair Naomi.1080p.DSNP+.WEB-DL.Hin-Multi.AAC.2.0.H264-Telly.mkv362.3 MB
Elena of Avalor S1E19 Spirit Monkey Business.1080p.DSNP+.WEB-DL.Hin-Multi.AAC.2.0.H264-Telly.mkv392.6 MB
Elena of Avalor S1E2 Model Sister.1080p.DSNP+.WEB-DL.Hin-Multi.AAC.2.0.H264-Telly.mkv364 MB
Elena of Avalor S1E20 Wizard-In-Training.1080p.DSNP+.WEB-DL.Hin-Multi.AAC.2.0.H264-Telly.mkv337.8 MB
Elena of Avalor S1E21 Realm of the Jaquins - Part I.1080p.DSNP+.WEB-DL.Hin-Multi.AAC.2.0.H264-Telly.mkv471.5 MB
Elena of Avalor S1E22 Realm of the Jaquins - Part II.1080p.DSNP+.WEB-DL.Hin-Multi.AAC.2.0.H264-Telly.mkv505.8 MB
Elena of Avalor S1E23 the Geckos Tale.1080p.DSNP+.WEB-DL.Hin-Multi.AAC.2.0.H264-Telly.mkv317.6 MB
Elena of Avalor S1E24 Party of a Lifetime.1080p.DSNP+.WEB-DL.Hin-Multi.AAC.2.0.H264-Telly.mkv349 MB
Elena of Avalor S1E25 Blockheads.1080p.DSNP+.WEB-DL.Hin-Multi.AAC.2.0.H264-Telly.mkv298 MB
Elena of Avalor S1E26 Masks of Magic.1080p.DSNP+.WEB-DL.Hin-Multi.AAC.2.0.H264-Telly.mkv337.2 MB
Elena of Avalor S1E3 All Heated Up.1080p.DSNP+.WEB-DL.Hin-Multi.AAC.2.0.H264-Telly.mkv396.9 MB
Elena of Avalor S1E4 Island of Youth.1080p.DSNP+.WEB-DL.Hin-Multi.AAC.2.0.H264-Telly.mkv383.5 MB
Elena of Avalor S1E5 Spellbound.1080p.DSNP+.WEB-DL.Hin-Multi.AAC.2.0.H264-Telly.mkv360.4 MB
Elena of Avalor S1E6 Prince Too Charming.1080p.DSNP+.WEB-DL.Hin-Multi.AAC.2.0.H264-Telly.mkv348.7 MB
Elena of Avalor S1E7 Finders Leapers.1080p.DSNP+.WEB-DL.Hin-Multi.AAC.2.0.H264-Telly.mkv420.2 MB
Elena of Avalor S1E8 Royal Retreat.1080p.DSNP+.WEB-DL.Hin-Multi.AAC.2.0.H264-Telly.mkv354.3 MB
Elena of Avalor S1E9 a Day to Remember.1080p.DSNP+.WEB-DL.Hin-Multi.AAC.2.0.H264-Telly.mkv370.6 MB
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