Bad Brains - Quickness 1989 FLAC [BCBUD]

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Bad Brains - Quickness 1989 FLAC [BCBUD]Bad Brains - Quickness 1989 FLAC [BCBUD]

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Bad Brains - Quickness 1989 FLAC [BCBUD]

Track Listing

"Soul Craft" (Miller, Jenifer, Hudson)
"Voyage Into Infinity" (Miller, Jenifer, Hudson)
"The Messengers" (Miller, Hudson, Hahn)
"With the Quickness" (Miller, Jenifer, Hudson)
"Gene Machine/Don't Bother Me" (Miller, Jenifer, Hudson)
"Don't Blow Bubbles" (Miller, Jenifer, Hudson)
"Sheba" (Miller, Hudson)
"Yout' Juice" (Miller, Jenifer, Hudson)
"No Conditions" (Miller, Jenifer, Hudson)
"Silent Tears" (Jenifer, Hudson)
"The Prophet's Eye" (Miller, Jenifer, Hudson)
"Endtro" (Miller, Jenifer)

Quickness is the fourth full-length studio album by hardcore punk pioneers Bad Brains. At the time of its release, it was the best selling Bad Brains album and also featured an MTV video for the lead-off track "Soul Craft" directed by Paul Rachman who later went on to produce and direct the feature documentary American Hardcore. Drummer Earl Hudson, though pictured on the cover, is absent, with the drum parts instead being performed by Mackie Jayson of the Cro-Mags. In an interview with MTV, guitarist Dr. Know said that the album's title comes from urgency and swiftness.

The album was a crossover release that contained elements of several genres, including funk, hip hop, heavy metal, punk, and reggae, which made a notable return after being absent from 1986's I Against I.

Format : FLAC
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Channel(s) : 2 channels
Sampling rate : 44.1 KHz
Bit depth : 16 bits


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Bad Brains - Quickness 1989/08 Bad Brains - Yout' Juice.flac19.9 MB
Bad Brains - Quickness 1989/09 Bad Brains - No Conditions.flac16.6 MB
Bad Brains - Quickness 1989/10 Bad Brains - Silent Tears.flac19 MB
Bad Brains - Quickness 1989/11 Bad Brains - The Prophet's Eye.flac28.6 MB
Bad Brains - Quickness 1989/12 Bad Brains - Endtro.flac4.9 MB
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