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Prepatched with please support the dev if you like the game as much as i do. It is the summer break again and you've just graduated from university, so you decided to pay your aunt and cousins in the countryside a long-overdue visit. However, it has been years since you've last seen them, so you don't know what to expect. What could go wrong? Find out in Summer Memories! Features A Slice of Life Game Experience A Variety of Mini-Games Animated Character Sprites Time Management System And Multiple Maps to Explore! ![](


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credits.html1.9 MB
d3dcompiler_47.dll3.5 MB
ffmpeg.dll2 MB
Game.exe1.5 MB
icudtl.dat9.7 MB
libEGL.dll77 KB
libGLESv2.dll3.6 MB
locales/am.pak291.8 KB
locales/am.pak.info399 KB
locales/ar.pak286.8 KB
locales/ar.pak.info399 KB
locales/bg.pak333 KB
locales/bg.pak.info399 KB
locales/bn.pak435.3 KB
locales/bn.pak.info399 KB
locales/ca.pak207.4 KB
locales/ca.pak.info399 KB
locales/cs.pak211.1 KB
locales/cs.pak.info399 KB
locales/da.pak189.4 KB
locales/da.pak.info399 KB
locales/de.pak206 KB
locales/de.pak.info399 KB
locales/el.pak366.2 KB
locales/el.pak.info399 KB
locales/en-GB.pak170.8 KB
locales/en-GB.pak.info399 KB
locales/en-US.pak172.3 KB
locales/en-US.pak.info399 KB
locales/es-419.pak204.4 KB
locales/es-419.pak.info399 KB
locales/es.pak207.9 KB
locales/es.pak.info399 KB
locales/et.pak184.9 KB
locales/et.pak.info399 KB
locales/fa.pak292.9 KB
locales/fa.pak.info399 KB
locales/fi.pak191.6 KB
locales/fi.pak.info399 KB
locales/fil.pak211.2 KB
locales/fil.pak.info399 KB
locales/fr.pak222 KB
locales/fr.pak.info399 KB
locales/gu.pak413.2 KB
locales/gu.pak.info399 KB
locales/he.pak244.7 KB
locales/he.pak.info399 KB
locales/hi.pak420.6 KB
locales/hi.pak.info399 KB
locales/hr.pak199 KB
locales/hr.pak.info399 KB
locales/hu.pak218.4 KB
locales/hu.pak.info399 KB
locales/id.pak183.3 KB
locales/id.pak.info399 KB
locales/it.pak201.3 KB
locales/it.pak.info399 KB
locales/ja.pak248.7 KB
locales/ja.pak.info399 KB
locales/kn.pak477.4 KB
locales/kn.pak.info399 KB
locales/ko.pak209.8 KB
locales/ko.pak.info399 KB
locales/lt.pak213.6 KB
locales/lt.pak.info399 KB
locales/lv.pak212.9 KB
locales/lv.pak.info399 KB
locales/ml.pak517.8 KB
locales/ml.pak.info399 KB
locales/mr.pak414.3 KB
locales/mr.pak.info399 KB
locales/ms.pak190.1 KB
locales/ms.pak.info399 KB
locales/nb.pak186.9 KB
locales/nb.pak.info399 KB
locales/nl.pak195.7 KB
locales/nl.pak.info399 KB
locales/pl.pak206.1 KB
locales/pl.pak.info399 KB
locales/pt-BR.pak201.6 KB
locales/pt-BR.pak.info399 KB
locales/pt-PT.pak203.2 KB
locales/pt-PT.pak.info399 KB
locales/ro.pak209.2 KB
locales/ro.pak.info399 KB
locales/ru.pak317.3 KB
locales/ru.pak.info399 KB
locales/sk.pak215.2 KB
locales/sk.pak.info399 KB
natives_blob.bin200.8 KB
node.dll5.5 MB
nw.dll80.5 MB
nw_100_percent.pak808.5 KB
nw_200_percent.pak1 MB
nw_elf.dll439.5 KB
package.json243 B
resources.pak4.4 MB
Script.vdf504 B
snapshot_blob.bin1.1 MB

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