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Vore, femdom pov, shrinking fetish, giantess, pussy worship




You''''ve been seeing this new . She''''s gorgeous...sensual...sexy...she makes you cum harder than any girl you''''ve ever met. She knows exactly what to do to turn you on. You''''re particularly excited to see her tonight. You bring a bottle of champagne for the both of you to enjoy. She pours you a glass and hands you a little blue pill. "It''''s not viagra...but it is a very powerful performance enhancer. You can Censored me all night long and really get your money''''s worth". She assures you that it''''s perfectly safe and you swallow it down with a swill of your champagne. You ask her to dance for you. She stands up and slowly rolls her body. Her hips sway back and fourth. Her ass and legs look perfect in her lingerie. You move to touch her...but she begins to laugh at you. She says "that was no performance enhancer I just gave you...that was a very powerful shrinking formula"...she laughs as you begin to shrink to the floor. You feel yourself getting smaller and smaller as you shrink faster and faster. You look at your tiny limbs. You''''re no more than 12 inches high. She Laughs and teases you with her perfect body. She says she''''s going to devour you! She picks you up and dangles your miniature body above her mouth. You can feel her hot breath on your skin as she licks the sweat off your forehead. She begins to lower you inside and you can feel her tongue caressing your body...but she stops..."Do you hear that?" she says. "My pussy is growling...it''''s hungry!" She lowers you down to her glorious pussy. YOu can hear it snarling and growling. She tells you that she''''s going to stuff all 12 inches of you deep inside of her man eating pussy. You''''ll be crushed to as the walls of her cannibalistic cunt squeeze you like an anaconda. She writhes with orgasm after orgasm as her violent vagina crushes and squeezes the life out of you. She loves the vibration of your screams. She tells you to keep screaming as she cums and cums all over your mangled body. xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Meana Shrinks you and plans on eating you until she feels her hungry pussy growling for another meal. She takes your 12 inch body and stuff it inside her man eating pussy. She squeezes the life out of you and crushes you harder and harder with every one of her orgasms.


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