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007 Legends (c) Activision

Supplied by: FAIRLIGHT Release Date: 02-11-2012
Cracked by: FAIRLIGHT Game Type: Action
Packaged by: FAIRLIGHT Image Format: ISO
DISCS: 2 DVDS Protection: Steam
System Requirements : One of those computer thingies

Game information:

Gamers and Bond aficionados alike will become James Bond, reliving the
world-famous spy's most iconic and intense undercover missions from
throughout the entire Bond film franchise - including this year's highly
anticipated new installment, "Skyfall" available as a free update on
November 9, 2012. Employ Bond's full arsenal of gadgets and weaponry, face
notorious villains and their brutal henchmen, perform impressive stunts,
and of course, mingle with gorgeous Bond women

Play as James Bond in classic roles such as:

Take on the role of James Bond as played by Daniel Craig in all new
Skyfall levels. Unlock three new single player levels following the
storyline of the Skyfall movie. Levels take place in Istanbul and Shanghai
as Bond attempts to track down the villain Patrice. This update will
become automatically available as an update to 007 Legends.

Installation Information:

* Burn or mount
* Install
* Play the game

NOTE: As usual, block the game exe in your firewall.


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DVD1/flt-lega.00195.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.00295.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.00395.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.00495.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.00595.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.00695.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.00795.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.00895.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.00995.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.01095.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.01195.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.01295.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.01395.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.01495.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.01595.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.01695.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.01795.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.01895.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.01995.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.02095.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.02195.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.02295.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.02395.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.02495.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.02595.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.02695.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.02795.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.02895.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.02995.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.03095.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.03195.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.03295.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.03395.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.03495.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.03595.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.03695.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.03795.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.03895.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.03995.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.04095.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.04195.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.04295.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.04395.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.04495.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.04595.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.04695.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.04795.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.04895.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.04995.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.05095.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.05195.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.05295.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.05395.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.05495.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.05595.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.05695.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.05795.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.05895.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.05995.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.06095.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.06195.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.06295.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.06395.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.06495.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.06595.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.06695.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.06795.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.06895.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.06995.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.07095.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.07195.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.07295.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.07395.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.07495.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.07595.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.07695.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.07795.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.07895.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.07995.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.08095.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.08195.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.08295.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.08395.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.08495.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.08595.4 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.08654 MB
DVD1/flt-lega.sfv1.9 KB
DVD2/flt-legb.00147.7 MB
DVD2/flt-legb.00247.7 MB
DVD2/flt-legb.00347.7 MB
DVD2/flt-legb.00447.7 MB
DVD2/flt-legb.00547.7 MB
DVD2/flt-legb.00647.7 MB
DVD2/flt-legb.00747.7 MB
DVD2/flt-legb.00847.7 MB
DVD2/flt-legb.00947.7 MB
DVD2/flt-legb.01047.7 MB
DVD2/flt-legb.01147.7 MB
DVD2/flt-legb.01247.7 MB

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