Factorio (0.17.79, 0.18.36)

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Factorio (0.17.79, 0.18.36)

Factorio (0.17.79, 0.18.36).torrent
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(0.17.79, 0.18.36) [Multi] [Linux Native]
Release year : 2016
Genre : economic simulator, strategy, construction, sandbox, 3rd person
Developer and Publisher : Wube Software
Multiplayer : yes
Architecture : amd64
Version : 0.17.79 (last stable), 0.18.36 (experimental)
License : proprietary
Interface language : multilingual

System requirements :
Processor: 3 GHz
Video: Intel HD Graphics 4600, 512 MB, 1280x720
Installation location: 1.5 GB

Description :
Factorio is an economic simulator in which you have to build and maintain factories, extract resources, develop technologies, automate production and fight enemies. At the beginning of development, you will have to cut down forests, dig mines, build conveyors and robots manually, but soon the factory will turn into a powerful industrial complex with solar panels and oil refining equipment, you will have robots for construction and any resources. However, such an exploitation of the planet is unlikely to appeal to its inhabitants, so get ready to defend yourself. Team up with other players in a multiplayer game, create huge factories, collaborate and share tasks. Powerful module support, from minor changes to the global restructuring of the game, has allowed players from all over the world to add many interesting and unexpected features to the game.If you don’t find maps and scenarios that you like, then create your own in the built-in editor, placing objects, enemies and elements of the landscape as you like or write your own script.

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Files in this torrent

Factorio (0.17.79).sh1.2 GB
Factorio (0.18.36).sh1.2 GB
OST/FLAC/After The Crash.flac6.7 MB
OST/FLAC/Anomaly (Interlude).flac1.9 MB
OST/FLAC/Are We Alone.flac21.3 MB
OST/FLAC/Automation.flac12.9 MB
OST/FLAC/Beyond Factory Outskirts.flac19.7 MB
OST/FLAC/BONUS - Factorio Gameplay Trailer.flac11.4 MB
OST/FLAC/BONUS - Factorio Trailer.flac12.1 MB
OST/FLAC/cenSeq's Discrepancy.flac10.3 MB
OST/FLAC/cover.jpg281.5 KB
OST/FLAC/Efficiency Program.flac21.6 MB
OST/FLAC/Expansion.flac13.8 MB
OST/FLAC/First Light (Interlude).flac7.6 MB
OST/FLAC/Gathering Horizon.flac15.6 MB
OST/FLAC/Pollution (Interlude).flac4.6 MB
OST/FLAC/Research and Minerals.flac13 MB
OST/FLAC/Resource Deficiency (Interlude).flac4.5 MB
OST/FLAC/Sentient.flac13.7 MB
OST/FLAC/Solar Intervention.flac12.4 MB
OST/FLAC/The Oil Industry.flac12.4 MB
OST/FLAC/The Right Tools.flac14.5 MB
OST/FLAC/The Search For Iron.flac21.4 MB
OST/FLAC/Transmit (Interlude).flac2.1 MB
OST/FLAC/Turbine Dynamics.flac23.3 MB
OST/FLAC/World Ambience 1.flac9 MB
OST/FLAC/World Ambience 2.flac15.3 MB
OST/FLAC/World Ambience 3.flac12 MB
OST/FLAC/World Ambience 4.flac16.5 MB
OST/MP3/After The Crash.mp32.5 MB
OST/MP3/Anomaly (Interlude).mp31.4 MB
OST/MP3/Are We Alone.mp36.9 MB
OST/MP3/Automation.mp33.9 MB
OST/MP3/Beyond Factory Outskirts.mp36.6 MB
OST/MP3/BONUS - Factorio Trailer.mp33 MB
OST/MP3/BONUS -Factorio Gameplay Trailer.mp33.5 MB
OST/MP3/cenSeq's Discrepancy.mp33.7 MB
OST/MP3/cover.jpg281.5 KB
OST/MP3/Efficiency Program.mp36.5 MB
OST/MP3/Expansion.mp34.6 MB
OST/MP3/First Light (Interlude).mp32.3 MB
OST/MP3/Gathering Horizon.mp36.3 MB
OST/MP3/Pollution (Interlude).mp31.6 MB
OST/MP3/Research and Minerals.mp34.6 MB
OST/MP3/Resource Deficiency (Interlude).mp32.3 MB
OST/MP3/Sentient.mp34.4 MB
OST/MP3/Solar Intervention.mp35.7 MB
OST/MP3/The Oil Industry.mp34.3 MB
OST/MP3/The Right Tools.mp34.9 MB
OST/MP3/The Search For Iron.mp36.2 MB
OST/MP3/Transmit (Interlude).mp31.3 MB
OST/MP3/Turbine Dynamics.mp37.5 MB
OST/MP3/World Ambience 1.mp33.5 MB
OST/MP3/World Ambience 2.mp34.7 MB
OST/MP3/World Ambience 3.mp35.2 MB
OST/MP3/World Ambience 4.mp35.3 MB

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