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FilipinoPod101_ADV Listening Comprehension for Advanced Learners

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LISTENING COMPREHENSION FOR ADVANCED LEARNERS :: ADVANCED :: 20 Lessons (1hr 10min)Audio lessons are MP3, videos are M4V/MP4 and docs can be found in the PDF folder.
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000 Listening Comprehension for Advanced Learners (Contents).txt2.5 KB
001 A Filipino Business Presentation.m4v22.7 MB
002 Getting a Gym Membership in the Philippines.m4v32.5 MB
003 At a Printing Company in the Philippines.m4v25.2 MB
004 Reserving Tickets to a Play in Filipino.m4v28.4 MB
005 Preparing For a Filipino Business Meeting.m4v24.5 MB
006 Deciding on a Hotel in The Philippines.m4v19.9 MB
007 Setting up a Meeting Room in The Philippines.m4v16.8 MB
008 Ordering Office Supplies in Filipino.m4v19.1 MB
009 Getting to the Airport in The Philippines.m4v17.2 MB
010 Talking to a Supplier in Filipino.m4v19.1 MB
011 Going to the Library in The Philippines.m4v29 MB
012 Choosing Travel Insurance in The Philippines.m4v33.3 MB
013 Discussing Survey Results in Filipino.m4v26.9 MB
014 Giving Back to the Community in The Philippines.m4v30.3 MB
015 What's On These Shelves in The Philippines.m4v24 MB
016 Which Bank Should You Choose in The Philippines.m4v18.8 MB
017 Planning a Sightseeing Trip in Filipino.m4v24.9 MB
018 Discussing Product Packaging in Filipino.m4v25 MB
019 Discussing a Sales Graph in Filipino.m4v25.9 MB
020 Making a Complaint in Filipino.m4v21.8 MB
PDF/001 [notes] FLCFAL_L1_042214_filpod101.pdf63.8 KB
PDF/002 [notes] FLCFAL_L2_042914_filpod101.pdf66.5 KB
PDF/003 [notes] FLCFAL_L3_050614_filpod101.pdf65.3 KB
PDF/004 [notes] FLCFAL_L4_051314_filpod101.pdf66.5 KB
PDF/005 [notes] FLCFAL_L5_052014_filpod101.pdf65.3 KB
PDF/006 [notes] FLCFAL_L6_122314_filpod101.pdf66 KB
PDF/007 [notes] FLCFAL_L7_011315_filpod101.pdf65 KB
PDF/008 [notes] FLCFAL_L8_012715_filpod101.pdf71.4 KB
PDF/009 [notes] FLCFAL_L9_021015_filpod101.pdf70.9 KB
PDF/010 [notes] FLCFAL_L10_022415_filpod101.pdf65.7 KB
PDF/011 [notes] FLCFAL_L11_102015_filpod101.pdf88.3 KB
PDF/012 [notes] FLCFAL_L12_110315_filpod101.pdf88.6 KB
PDF/013 [notes] FLCFAL_L13_111715_filpod101.pdf90.6 KB
PDF/014 [notes] FLCFAL_L14_120115_filpod101.pdf88.6 KB
PDF/015 [notes] FLCFAL_L15_121515_filpod101.pdf88.3 KB
PDF/016 [notes] FLCFAL_L16_080916_filpod101.pdf88 KB
PDF/017 [notes] FLCFAL_L17_082316_filpod101.pdf87.3 KB
PDF/018 [notes] FLCFAL_L18_090616_filpod101.pdf90.8 KB
PDF/019 [notes] FLCFAL_L19_092016_filpod101.pdf87.3 KB
PDF/020 [notes] FLCFAL_L20_100416_filpod101.pdf87.9 KB

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