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FilipinoPod101_INT Must-Know Filipino Slang Words & Phrases

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MUST-KNOW FILIPINO SLANG WORDS & PHRASES :: INT. :: 25 Lessons (3hrs 6min)Audio lessons are MP3, videos are M4V/MP4 and docs can be found in the PDF folder.
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Enjoy! 「 +*halofubar*+ 」 ✌(◕‿-)✌



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Files in this torrent

000 Must-Know Filipino Slang Words & Phrases (Contents).txt2.7 KB
001 Terms Referring to Groups of People.mp36.2 MB
002 Terms Referring to Your Special Someone.mp36.2 MB
003 Terms Referring to Kinship.mp36.1 MB
004 Terms Referring to Your Friends.mp36.3 MB
005 Terms Related to Social Status.mp36.5 MB
006 Expressions to Describe the Appeal of a Person.mp36.9 MB
007 Expressions to Talk About a Man Being Cool.mp35.7 MB
008 Expressions to Describe Women's Sophistication.mp312.6 MB
009 Superlative Expressions.mp314.1 MB
010 Expressions for Gossiping.mp312.8 MB
011 Sarcastic Expressions Used Among Friends.mp314.2 MB
012 Expressions Indicating Sarcastic Admiration.mp314 MB
013 Rhetorical Expressions.mp312.4 MB
014 Expressions Describing a Negative Person.mp315.1 MB
015 Expressions Describing Cunning, Swift Actions or Moves.mp314.6 MB
016 Expressions Describing Apathy.mp314.3 MB
017 Expressions to Describe How You Feel About a Situation.mp313.2 MB
018 Expressions of Disappointment.mp314.2 MB
019 Expressions Used in Arguments and Competitions.mp315.7 MB
020 Expressions Related to Body Parts.mp315.1 MB
021 Terms Related to Going Out and Having Fun.mp312.2 MB
022 Terms Related to Money.mp312.8 MB
023 Terms with Interesting Origins.mp312.7 MB
024 Proverbial Slang and Euphemisms.mp314.2 MB
025 Old-Fashioned Slang.mp315.7 MB
PDF/001 [notes] MKFSWP_S1L1_070317_filpod101.pdf82.6 KB
PDF/001 [transcript] MKFSWP_S1L1_070317_filpod101_recordingscript.pdf69.1 KB
PDF/002 [notes] MKFSWP_S1L2_071717_filpod101.pdf84.7 KB
PDF/002 [transcript] MKFSWP_S1L2_071717_filpod101_recordingscript.pdf69.4 KB
PDF/003 [notes] MKFSWP_S1L3_073117_filpod101.pdf84.2 KB
PDF/003 [transcript] MKFSWP_S1L3_073117_filpod101_recordingscript.pdf68.5 KB
PDF/004 [notes] MKFSWP_S1L4_081417_filpod101.pdf84.5 KB
PDF/004 [transcript] MKFSWP_S1L4_081417_filpod101_recordingscript.pdf69.4 KB
PDF/005 [notes] MKFSWP_S1L5_082817_filpod101.pdf86.3 KB
PDF/005 [transcript] MKFSWP_S1L5_082817_filpod101_recordingscript.pdf69.6 KB
PDF/006 [notes] MKFSWP_S1L6_091117_filpod101.pdf86.3 KB
PDF/006 [transcript] MKFSWP_S1L6_091117_filpod101_recordingscript.pdf70.3 KB
PDF/007 [notes] MKFSWP_S1L7_092517_filpod101.pdf84 KB
PDF/007 [transcript] MKFSWP_S1L7_092517_filpod101_recordingscript.pdf67.7 KB
PDF/008 [notes] MKFSWP_S1L8_100917_filpod101.pdf83.7 KB
PDF/008 [transcript] MKFSWP_S1L8_100917_filpod101_recordingscript.pdf69 KB
PDF/009 [notes] MKFSWP_S1L9_102317_filpod101.pdf86.2 KB
PDF/009 [transcript] MKFSWP_S1L9_102317_filpod101_recordingscript.pdf69.7 KB
PDF/010 [notes] MKFSWP_S1L10_110617_filpod101.pdf84.3 KB
PDF/010 [transcript] MKFSWP_S1L10_110617_filpod101_recordingscript.pdf68.7 KB
PDF/011 [notes] MKFSWP_S1L11_112017_filpod101.pdf86 KB
PDF/011 [transcript] MKFSWP_S1L11_112017_filpod101_recordingscript.pdf69.2 KB
PDF/012 [notes] MKFSWP_S1L12_120417_filpod101.pdf84.8 KB
PDF/012 [transcript] MKFSWP_S1L12_120417_filpod101_recordingscript.pdf68.9 KB
PDF/013 [notes] MKFSWP_S1L13_121817_filpod101.pdf83.3 KB
PDF/013 [transcript] MKFSWP_S1L13_121817_filpod101_recordingscript.pdf68.6 KB
PDF/014 [notes] MKFSWP_S1L14_010818_filpod101.pdf85.8 KB
PDF/014 [transcript] MKFSWP_S1L14_010818_filpod101_recordingscript.pdf70.2 KB
PDF/015 [notes] MKFSWP_S1L15_012218_filpod101.pdf88.8 KB
PDF/015 [transcript] MKFSWP_S1L15_012218_filpod101_recordingscript.pdf70.2 KB
PDF/016 [notes] MKFSWP_S1L16_020518_filpod101.pdf84.2 KB
PDF/016 [transcript] MKFSWP_S1L16_020518_filpod101_recordingscript.pdf69.4 KB
PDF/017 [notes] MKFSWP_S1L17_021918_filpod101.pdf84.2 KB
PDF/017 [transcript] MKFSWP_S1L17_021918_filpod101_recordingscript.pdf68.7 KB
PDF/018 [notes] MKFSWP_S1L18_030518_filpod101.pdf85.6 KB
PDF/018 [transcript] MKFSWP_S1L18_030518_filpod101_recordingscript.pdf69.9 KB
PDF/019 [notes] MKFSWP_S1L19_031918_filpod101.pdf86.8 KB
PDF/019 [transcript] MKFSWP_S1L19_031918_filpod101_recordingscript.pdf70.9 KB
PDF/020 [notes] MKFSWP_S1L20_040218_filpod101.pdf84.6 KB
PDF/020 [transcript] MKFSWP_S1L20_040218_filpod101_recordingscript.pdf70 KB
PDF/021 [notes] MKFSWP_S1L21_041618_filpod101.pdf84 KB
PDF/021 [transcript] MKFSWP_S1L21_041618_filpod101_recordingscript.pdf68.8 KB
PDF/022 [notes] MKFSWP_S1L22_043018_filpod101.pdf84.9 KB
PDF/022 [transcript] MKFSWP_S1L22_043018_filpod101_recordingscript.pdf68.8 KB
PDF/023 [notes] MKFSWP_S1L23_051418_filpod101.pdf85.1 KB
PDF/023 [transcript] MKFSWP_S1L23_051418_filpod101_recordingscript.pdf69.1 KB
PDF/024 [notes] MKFSWP_S1L24_052818_filpod101.pdf84.2 KB
PDF/024 [transcript] MKFSWP_S1L24_052818_filpod101_recordingscript.pdf69.1 KB
PDF/025 [notes] MKFSWP_S1L25_061118_filpod101.pdf87 KB
PDF/025 [transcript] MKFSWP_S1L25_061118_filpod101_recordingscript.pdf70.1 KB

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