The Futur - Color For Creatives [AhLaN]

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The Futur - Color for Creatives [AhLaN]

The Futur - Color for Creatives [AhLaN].torrent
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Proudly Presents
The Futur - Color for Creatives [AhLaN]

SUPPLiER.......: WWW RELEASE DATE......: 9/08/20
Uploader.......: ThomasKhan Collector.........: ThomasKhan

... About This Course ...
Go beyond theory and transform your work. Learn how to choose colors, build palettes and be color-confident with this practical course.

3+ hours of video lectures
5+ hours bonus webinars
Project-based learning
Color Guidebook PDF
Color Glossary PDF
Downloadable project files


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Files in this torrent

01. Welcome.mp436.4 MB
02. What You'll Need.mp424.1 MB
03. The Power of Color.mp486.7 MB
04. The Science of Color.mp423.5 MB
05. It's All Relative.mp468.1 MB
06. The Value of Value.mp457.2 MB
06.1. Bad Value.psd8.4 MB
06.2. Good Value.psd8.4 MB
07. The ABC's of RGB (and CMYK).mp436.2 MB
07.1 Color For Creatives - Color Glossary.pdf33.4 MB
08. Color Harmony.mp461.4 MB
09. A Palette With Purpose.mp494.3 MB
09.1 Color For Creative - Sketch.png473.7 KB
10. How To Steal Colors.mp4155.2 MB
10.1 Color For Creatives - Color Sampling.zip18.9 MB
11. Make It Your Own.mp463 MB
11.1 Color For Creatives - Color Interactions.zip9.7 MB
12. Save It For Later.mp423.2 MB
12.1 Color For Creatives - Swatches Part 1.ase604 B
13. Finding The Balance.mp415.8 MB
14. Laying Flat Color.mp425.9 MB
14.1 Color For Creatives - Flat Color.zip1.2 MB
15. Focus and Expand.mp476 MB
16. Rearrange and Refine.mp488 MB
17. Rearrange and Refine (Pt. 2).mp413.2 MB
18. Put Your Values In Check.mp425.3 MB
18.1 Color For Creatives - Flat Color Refined.zip806.4 KB
19. Get Shady.mp455.7 MB
19.1 Color For Creatives - Swatches.ase1.5 KB
19.2 Color For Creatives - Shadows.zip1.5 MB
20. Global Colors (Adobe Illustrator).mp46.6 MB
21. Recolor Artwork (Adobe Illustrator).mp415 MB
22. Color Balance (Adobe Illustrator_Photoshop).mp420.2 MB
23. Value Check (Adobe Illustrator).mp48.5 MB
24. Gray and Overlay.mp423.4 MB
25. A Quick Note Before You Go.mp430.7 MB
AhLaN.txt149 B
Seed Me!!.png42 KB

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