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Harlots S01 complete  (1280x720p HD, 50fps, soft Eng subs)

Sex sells like nothing else in grimy, decadent Georgian London. Madames and businesswomen Margaret and Lydia are at war for the passions, and purses, of London's finest gentlemen.


Brothel owner Margaret Wells is on the threshold of moving into a more up-market house in Soho when her premises are raided by the nightwatchmen. Fined for keeping an obscene and bawdy house and unable to make the final payment for her new establishment, she is forced to utilise her greatest asset - her daughter Lydia. Meanwhile, her rival Lydia Quigley is determined that Margaret's grand plans are thwarted.


Nancy has a plan to help Margaret in her vendetta with Lydia. They need to find Mary Cooper, a girl who use to work at Quigley's but who is now dying and on the streets. William tells Margaret that a man has been asking after her in the taverns.


The day of the move to the new house arrives, but as William loads the girls onto the cart, Harriet arrives asking for Margaret, since Nathaniel is asking for her.


With Margaret’s business at the new Greek Street house suffering from Florence Scanwell’s endless preaching outside, Charlotte suggests a masquerade party and promises to entice the upper set. Lucy is totally disenchanted with her new profession and asks Charlotte for advice.


Emily is in even more dire straits and seeks to escape Golden Square.


Having left Sir George, Charlotte is penniless and getting desperate.


In attempting to save one daughter, Margaret has seemingly condemned the other.


An increasingly desperate Margaret tries to find a way to help both her daughters.

First broadcast:  August 2020

Duration:  45 minutes per episode

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