Hawaii Five-O(1968)-Season 4 Xvid-AJAXEN

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Hawaii Five-O<span style=color:#777>(1968)</span>-Season 4 Xvid-AJAXENHawaii Five-O<span style=color:#777>(1968)</span>-Season 4 Xvid-AJAXEN

Hawaii Five-O(1968)-Season 4 Xvid-AJAXEN.torrent
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Five-O was a special state police unit answering only to the Governor of Hawaii. It worked with Honolulu police to fight the underworld in the island state. Sooner or later virtually all the badguys heard Steve McGarrett grunt "Book 'em, Danno!" though chief badguy Wo Fat was caught after MacArthur left the series.
Season 4 of Hawaii 5-O
Aspect Ratio...624x390
Frame Rate...25
Bit Rate ...900
Audio...MP3 Stereo...128
This is the last season i will be uploading as the channel that is showing it have started to repeat it from the beginning


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01. Hawaii 5-O(1968)-Highest Castle, Deepest Grave-S4.avi356.4 MB
02. Hawaii 5-O(1968)-No Bottles...No Cans...No People-S4.avi349.7 MB
03. Hawaii 5-O(1968)-Wednesdays Ladies Free-S4.avi344.3 MB
04. Hawaii 5-O(1968)-3,000 Crooked Miles to Honolulu-S4.avi357 MB
05. Hawaii 5-O(1969)-Two Doves and Mr Heron-S4.avi354 MB
06. Hawaii 5-O(1968)-And i Want Some Candy and a gun That Shoots-S4.avi355.6 MB
07. Hawaii 5-O(1968)-Air Cargo-Dial For Murder-S4.avi355.3 MB
08. Hawaii 5-O(1968)-For a Million...Why Not-S4.avi352 MB
09. Hawaii 5-O(1968)-The Burning Ice-S4.avi352.1 MB
10. Hawaii 5-O(1968)-Rest in Peace, Somebody-S4.avi352.1 MB
11. Hawaii 5-O(1968)-A Matter of Mutual Concern-S04.avi340.9 MB
12. Hawaii 5-O(1968)-Nine, Ten, You're Dead-S4.avi352 MB
13. Hawaii 5-O(1968)-Is This Any Way to Run a Paradise-S4.avi351.6 MB
14. Hawaii 5-O(1968)-Odd Man In-S4.avi354.8 MB
15. Hawaii 5-O(1968)-Bait Once Bait Twice-S4.avi355.8 MB
16. Hawaii 5-O(1968)-The Ninety-Second War Pt 1-S4.avi342.2 MB
17. Hawaii 5-O(1968)-The Ninety-Second War Pt 2-S4.avi316.4 MB
18. Hawaii 5-O(1968)-Skinhead-S4.avi353.9 MB
19. Hawaii 5-O(1968)-While your at it, Bring in the Moon-S4.avi353.9 MB
20. Hawaii 5-O(1968)--S4.avi353.9 MB
21. Hawaii 5-O(1968)--S4.avi354.1 MB
22. Hawaii 5-O(1968)-Didn't We Meet at a Murder-S4.avi349.1 MB
23. Hawaii 5-O(1968)-Follow The White Brick Road-S4.avi354.6 MB
24. Hawaii 5-O(1968)-R&R&R-S4.avi352.6 MB

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