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Clannad - Nadur (2013) FLACClannad - Nadur (2013) FLAC

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Artist: Clannad
Release: Nádúr
Released: 2013
Label: ARC
Format: FLAC / Lossless / WEB
Country: IRE
Style: folk,celtic

01. Vellum (04:47)
02. Rhapsody na gCrann (03:12)
03. TransAtlantic (03:57)
04. Turas Dhómhsa chon na Galldachd (03:02)
05. Brave Enough (with guest Duke Special) (04:12)
06. The Fishing Blues (03:19)
07. Lámh ar Lámh (03:43)
08. Tobar an tSaoil (03:33)
09. The Song in your Heart (03:37)
10. A Quiet Town (03:15)
11. Hymn (To Her Love) (04:49)
12. Setanta (04:30)
13. Cití na gCumann (04:55)
14. River Of Dreams (04:02)

Clannad became synonymous with Celtic new age in the late 1980s and '90s. Adding layers of sometimes ethereal, sometimes majestic-sounding synth pads and drum loops to traditional instruments and electric guitars, the band became a signpost for other acts during the Celtic music boom at the end of the last century and the dawn of the new. After winning a Best New Age album Grammy in 1998 for Landmarks, the band took an extended break. They issued a live album in 2011, but Nádúr marks their formal return to studio recording after 15 years away. These 13 tracks -- ten originals, two traditional Gaelic tunes, and a Scottish air -- meld Irish music's heritage with contemporary jazz, electronic new age, and soft pop and rock. While many acoustic instruments adorn these songs -- mandolas, penny whistles, bodrahns, harps, and acoustic guitars -- so do electric six-strings, fretless basses, synths, and subtle loops adding edges and unsderscoring the band's mastery of textures to frame their melodies. While Nádúr breaches no new terrain, it will prove a welcome return for Clannad's international legion of fans.


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01. Vellum.flac27.8 MB
02. Rhapsody na gCrann.flac21.1 MB
03. TransAtlantic.flac22.3 MB
04. Turas Domhsa chon na Galldachd.flac16.6 MB
05. Brave Enough.flac27.2 MB
06. The Fishing Blues.flac23.6 MB
07. Lamh ar Lamh.flac15.6 MB
08. Tobar an tSaoil.flac24.2 MB
09. A Song in Your Heart.flac21.1 MB
10. A Quiet Town.flac20.7 MB
11. Hymn (To Her Love).flac27.5 MB
12. Setanta.flac25.8 MB
13. Citi na gCumann.flac24.8 MB
14. [Bonus Track].flac26.2 MB
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