Digital Light And Color Picture Window Pro V7 0 11 With Key [TorDigger]

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Digital Light and Color Picture Window Pro v7 0 11 with Key  [TorDigger]

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Picture Window Pro

Picture Window Pro is a powerful photo editing tool designed for serious photographers with demanding creative and quality standards. It provides a comprehensive set of over 50 photo manipulation and retouching tools which allow you to control and shape every aspect of your images and to create high quality prints, page layouts, multimedia electronic slide shows and other forms of output. It handles 24 and 48 bit images, and is fully color-managed, including soft print proofing. It includes a powerful Raw converter with advanced features like highlight recovery and noise reduction. Its batch workflow features allow you to easily work with the flood of images digital cameras now produce.

Pro Features

Image Editing
Full control over all color and black+white image parameters
Choice of quick and easy slider controls or full featured curves and histograms
Full support for 48 bit color/16 bit B+W
Full color management support
Integrated powerful raw converter.
Powerful curves and histograms for brightness and color channels
Advanced resizing algorithms including Bicubic and Lanczos
Blur and sharpening including Unsharp Mask
Advanced sharpening with noise reduction, auto de-specking, selective application
Lens Corrections including chromatic aberration, barrel, pincushion, light falloff, perspective
Selective Color control for adjusting selected color while leaving overall balance undisturbed
HDR/Image stacker for combining bracketed exposures for extended dynamic range
Full set of freehand tools — brush, clone, speck removal, dodge & burn

Raw File Support
Powerful raw dialog includes color correction,exposure, brightness and contrast settings and sharpening.
Advanced features include Highlight Recovery, Noise Reduction and Bad Pixel Repair.
Sidecar files record all raw settings for each image without modifying the original raw file.

Special Effects
Large selection of special effects including posterize, tint, emboss, kaleidoscope, spiral, tile, text, calendar, drop shadow, and many more.

Masking & Composite Images
Extensive tools for creating masks (selections)
Use of masks to control application of most transformations
Full support for composite images with precise alignment, rotation, scaling, and perspective control of overlay images

Batch Workflow and Automation
Create batch workflows and apply them to dozens or even hundreds of images in the background. Great for preparing images for the web.
Redo a previous transformation and then automatically re-apply all subsequent changes.
Edit similar images automatically by applying a workflow you developed for one image to as many others as you like.
Save the workflow as a sidecar file of the original image to archive your editing steps exactly. You will have the option to apply the workflow when you next open the image.

Organizing and Browsing
Thumbnail display of images — simply drag and drop to open
Create new folders and organize images without leaving Picture Window
Print index prints, including CD & DVD case formats for archiving

Printing & Output
Color managed printing with full control over borders, image size and cropping in print dialog
Poster printing option prints single image over multiple sheets
Convenient soft print proofing.
Innovative monitor curves for better monitor-print matching
Slide show with sound, captions & descriptions — playback via web browser for easy sharing

Photo Album
Automatic layout of images in choice of standard sizes from wallet on up.
Very flexible manual layout. Create your own photo essays, even whole albums
Easy multi-page multi-image per page printing
Integrated with PW editing functions — edit images directly from the album

Frame and Mat Design
Explore frame and mats options to arrive at a design which displays your image to its best advantage. You can experiment with single and double mat designs and with different colors and textures and different framing options. For example, you can choose among a variety of frame profiles, varying width and color to suit your image.

Save the matted and framed image as a file and post it on a web site or social media.
Print out your image together with the textured mats in your chosen colors for easy, immediate framing.
Output full cutting dimensions of you design and use it for conventional matting and framing.

Calibrating Cameras and Scanners
PWP lets you create ICC color profiles for cameras and scanners for high-fidelity color rendition. The profile can be used within Picture Window to accurately display the image.

Systems running on Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 & 8, Windows NT5 and Window 2000.


- Install program.
- Register application with given key.
- Done, Enjoy.

Have A Nice Day

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