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[UdemyLibrary.com] The Futur - Color for Creatives

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The Futur: Color for Creatives

Go beyond theory and transform your work. Learn how to choose colors, build palettes and be color-confident with this practical course.

Created by Chris Do via The Futur

Release date: 2020

Video: MP4 1920×1080, 23.98 fps

Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 channels

Language: English

Size: 1.18 GB

Duration: 3h 58min

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Files in this torrent

Course/01. Welcome.mp436.4 MB
Course/02. What Youll Need.mp424.1 MB
Course/03. The Power of Color.mp486.7 MB
Course/04. The Science of Color.mp423.5 MB
Course/05. It's All Relative.mp468.1 MB
Course/06. The Value of Value.mp457.2 MB
Course/06.1. Bad Value.psd8.4 MB
Course/06.2. Good Value.psd8.4 MB
Course/07. The ABCs of RGB and CMYK.mp436.2 MB
Course/07.1 Color For Creatives Color Glossary.pdf33.4 MB
Course/08. Color Harmony.mp461.4 MB
Course/09. A Palette With Purpose.mp494.3 MB
Course/09.1 Color For Creative - Sketch.png473.7 KB
Course/10. How To Steal Colors.mp4155.2 MB
Course/10.1 Color For Creatives - Color Sampling.zip18.9 MB
Course/11. Make It Your Own.mp463 MB
Course/11.1 Color For Creatives - Color Interactions.zip9.7 MB
Course/12. Save It For Later.mp423.2 MB
Course/12.1 Color For Creatives - Swatches Part 1.ase604 B
Course/13. Finding The Balance.mp415.8 MB
Course/14. Laying Flat Color.mp425.9 MB
Course/14.1 Color For Creatives - Flat Color.zip1.2 MB
Course/15. Focus and Expand.mp476 MB
Course/16. Rearrange and Refine.mp488 MB
Course/17. Rearrange and Refine Pt2.mp413.2 MB
Course/18. Put Your Values In Check.mp425.3 MB
Course/18.1 Color For Creatives - Flat Color Refined.zip806.4 KB
Course/19. Get Shady.mp455.7 MB
Course/19.1 Color For Creatives - Swatches.ase1.5 KB
Course/19.2 Color For Creatives - Shadows.zip1.5 MB
Course/20. Global Colors.mp46.6 MB
Course/21. Recolor Artwork.mp415 MB
Course/22. Color Balance.mp420.2 MB
Course/23. Value Check.mp48.5 MB
Course/24. Gray and Overlay.mp423.4 MB
Course/25. A Quick Note Before You Go.mp430.7 MB
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