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Classy Four - Body & Soul <span style=color:#777>(2000)</span> [Z3K]⭐Classy Four - Body & Soul <span style=color:#777>(2000)</span> [Z3K]⭐

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Band: Classy Four

Album: Body & Soul

Release: 2000

Genre: Jazz

Country: Hungary

Quality: FLAC | lossless

...( TrackList )...

01. Ch. Parker: Segment (arr. Peter Decker) (02:59)

02. B. Evans: Waltz for Debby (arr. Oláh Kálmán) (06:08)

03. Ch. Mingus: Boogie Stop Shuffle (arr. Andrew Homzy) (03:41)

04. Th. Monk: Monk's Mood, Epistrophy, I Mean You (arr. Ráduly Mihály) (07:19)

05. Ráduly Mihály: To Bess (arr. Ráduly Mihály) (03:39)

06. B. Howard: Fly Me to the Moon (arr. Jack Gale) (02:59)

07. J. Green: Body and Soul (arr. Fekete Kovács Kornél) (05:53)

08. J. Jiuffre: Four Brothers (arr. Tomsits Rudolf) (03:27)

09. H. Mancini: The Days of Vine and Roses (arr. Fekete Kovács Kornél) (03:26)

10. J. Kosma: Autumn Leaves (arr. Tomsits Rudolf) (05:50)

11. J. Kander - F. Ebb: New York, New York, New York (arr. Tomsits Rudolf) (04:42)

12. Ph. Woods: Three Improvisations (arr. Tomsits Rudolf) (02:10)


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01 - Ch. Parker- Segment (arr. Peter Decker).flac16.9 MB
02 - B. Evans- Waltz for Debby (arr. Oláh Kálmán).flac40.5 MB
03 - Ch. Mingus- Boogie Stop Shuffle (arr. Andrew Homzy).flac21.1 MB
04 - Th. Monk- Monk's Mood, Epistrophy, I Mean You (arr. Ráduly Mihály).flac51.1 MB
05 - Ráduly Mihály- To Bess (arr. Ráduly Mihály).flac25.4 MB
06 - B. Howard- Fly Me to the Moon (arr. Jack Gale).flac17.1 MB
07 - J. Green- Body and Soul (arr. Fekete Kovács Kornél).flac30.4 MB
08 - J. Jiuffre- Four Brothers (arr. Tomsits Rudolf).flac19.6 MB
09 - H. Mancini- The Days of Vine and Roses (arr. Fekete Kovács Kornél).flac19.2 MB
10 - J. Kosma- Autumn Leaves (arr. Tomsits Rudolf).flac38 MB
11 - J. Kander - F. Ebb- New York, New York, New York (arr. Tomsits Rudolf).flac33.4 MB
12 - Ph. Woods- Three Improvisations (arr. Tomsits Rudolf).flac12.4 MB
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