12 Angry Lebanese 720p (ARA) ITA Funded (moviesbyrizzo Upl) ENG-FRE-SPA Subs

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12 Angry Lebanese 720p (ARA) ITA funded (moviesbyrizzo upl) ENG-FRE-SPA subs12 Angry Lebanese 720p (ARA) ITA funded (moviesbyrizzo upl) ENG-FRE-SPA subs

12 Angry Lebanese 720p (ARA) ITA funded (moviesbyrizzo upl) ENG-FRE-SPA subs.torrent
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720p Arabic language video - itunes D/L from cdn site subs included for ENG-FRE-SPA (subs included in MKV file)

This is an amateur effort at a documentary using a title loosely borrowed from the famed
"12 angry men" (1957) movie from the USA starring Henry Fonda which dealt with whether a prisoner might be found guilty as seemed to be from the outset. This video suggests that the men featured are in fact guilty of various crimes or shortcomings in behaviour which have resulted in their long sentences supply the basis for what are self deprecating statements or seeming obliviousness to the fact of their guilt - stated in just matter of fact manner.

every society has its share of those who have committed crimes, however it would be wrong to think of those men who are endemic to Lebanese community sense of belonging that any have in fact a fundamentally anti-social orientation towards their community which would have come about as a result of anything but a freak out come of circumstances or what have you in a particular situation than for any other reason such as lacking a sense of belonging as these are normally in my own view part of a caring community where folks show real love and care for one another generally speaking in a way that few other similarly designed communities could claim. The poverty of the area must be kept in mind especially - also in such areas as Spain where similarly afflicted by poverty great men of great caring capacities for their communities in most real and genuine spirit too, is similarly found, for another such example.

Thanks for sharing and to the Italian Beirut embassy for the funding contribution involved
Michael Rizzo Chessman


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