City Wolf (Werewolf Romance Goes To Town) By S P Wayne

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City Wolf (Werewolf romance goes to town) By S P WayneCity Wolf (Werewolf romance goes to town) By S P Wayne

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Over the river and through the woods

After almost a decade of self imposed solitude, Axton has a boyfriend. Leander might be a thousand miles away, but that still counts, right? Sure, maybe they haven't actually talked about their relationship status yet, and Axton might be a gay werewolf and Leander might be a human, but Ax is pretty sure things are going well. There's an open invitation for him to visit Los Angeles and stay in Leander's apartment, but Axton almost can't make himself take it. Who's going to take care of his forest while he's gone?


Leander Avilez is a lawyer juggling a busy professional life, an intense workout schedule, and a long distance relationship with a werewolf boyfriend who doesn't even own a cell phone. Beset by aggressive conference calls and disappearing taco trucks, he's resigned himself to trekking out to Montana if he wants to see Axton again. So when Axton calls the office to say that he's been on the road and he'll be there in a few hours, Leander isn't prepared in the least. Only because he prides himself on being a man of action and romance does he manage to meet Axton on time.
An American werewolf in LA

Shy by nature and secretive by necessity, Axton wants to know what kind of cover story Leander has prepared to justify his suddenly visiting friend. After all, Leander has a lifetime of womanizing behind him and Axton is his first boyfriend--so Ax expects to be explained away, as he has always been. Instead, Leander takes Axton on blitzkrieg of…dates?
Werewolf romance never includes family dinner, and shapeshifters don't do picnics, but Axton's willing to be the exception, especially when the dates end in hot gay sex.

Trouble in paradise

From the dojo to the desert, Axton and Leander spend time together. Leander is charming and funny even when he's caustic, and Axton has his own brand of understated humor. They're falling for each other hard, night after night. Axton's started making friends, even if he's a little terrified of Leander's personal assistant at first.
Happy as he is, city life wears on Axton. He misses the forest; he misses hunting for his dinner. Maybe he needs it, or maybe he can get used to life without wild moonlit runs, without the sweet tang of fresh blood on his tongue.

But when a bar fight goes wrong and Axton ends up face to face with Dana, his bad boy ex-boyfriend…

Will he even get a chance to find out if he could adapt to city living?

All's fair in love and war

Suddenly things start to get tense and danger seems to lurk around every corner--or maybe that's just Dana again. The thing is, Axton knows that danger and Dana are by no means mutually exclusive. But despite their long history and bad break up, Axton still wishes Dana would understand his life choices.
Leander knows Axton is keeping secrets, but can he figure out why before someone else pays the price for their happiness?


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