125+ Stretching Exercises - The No-Gym Guide

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125+ Stretching Exercises - The No-Gym Guide

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Get summer-ready without running all day, lifting obscene wights, even if you’re prone to laziness, and from your own home!

Stretching exercises are generally looked down upon. It is not seen as effective or strenuous as lifting wights, doing a triathlete, or going to a spinning class. But ask any of these athletes to perform just one of the intermediate positions in this book and you will hear them sing in pain.

In this book you will find over 125 stretching exercises, from yoga and beyond, and get results like I have. Even being able to do it from home and not being embarrassed when going to the beach. See stretching exercises can be done in a slow manner and usually either in sitting or lying positions. All this will trick your mind into pushing yourself just that bit further which brings results!

In short, get results even if you are lazy!

We as humans have started stretching at least 17.000 years ago! It is proven to provide you flexibility, balance, muscle toning, better cardio, weight loss, more energy, longevity, and higher endurance in general. Basically, you will get more energy in your life correcting your bad posture at the obscene hours in your office chair. This will give you that leaner, meaner, and muscle-toned body – ready for the beach!

In this book you will find

   Listed and guided 125+ stretching exercises!

   How to get ready for summer and wear the clothes that don’t hide your body

   Even if you exercise a lot, or are a professional athlete, stretching will make you perform better at whatever you do

   It will prevent many physiological conditions and back problems later in life

   You will gain stronger awareness of your body and your balance in general

   Your body will be toned all over making it sing, and even giving you a cohesive great look all over

   You will gain more energy and in turn, patience which will better you at work and in your family relationships

   It is easy and quick to plan and can be done from home

   And to top it all off, you will lose weight and become a stretching and yoga master!

I know that this seems like a lot of promises.

I, myself, was even skeptical being exactly in the position you are in right now. I struggled a lot with committing to a sport or ‘yet another training book’. But the ease of stretching in my home ultimately made the commitment long lasting.

The good thing is that this book will present you with a huge range of stretching exercises! Some from Yoga, some not, from total beginner to most advanced professional. All of them able to be done from home minutes after you decide to do it. The emphasis and focus of this book is to be as practical as possible – getting you to start right now!

I made this book for unmotivated people like me because I know this works!

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   Language: English

   Published: 2021


   Format: PDF, EPUB, AZW3


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