Earth, Wind & Fire - The Real Earth, Wind & Fire [3CD] (2017)

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Earth, Wind & Fire - The Real    Earth, Wind & Fire [3CD] <span style=color:#777>(2017)</span>

Earth, Wind & Fire - The Real Earth, Wind & Fire [3CD] (2017).torrent
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Artist: Earth, Wind & Fire
Title: The Real... Earth, Wind & Fire
Year Of Release: 2017
Label: Sony Music
Genre: Soul, R&B, Funk, Disco
Quality: mp3
Total Size: 494 Mb


Disc 1:
01. Open Our Eyes
02. Evil
03. Keep Your Head To The Sky
04. Devotion
05. Mighty Mighty
06. Kalimba Story
07. Shining Star
08. That's The Way Of The World
09. Happy Feelin'
10. All About Love
11. Yearnin' Learnin'
12. Sun Goddess
13. Sing A Song
14. Can't Hide Love
15. Getaway

Disc 2:
01. Got to Get You Into My Life
02. Love Music
03. Saturday Nite
04. On Your Face
05. Biyo
06. Imagination
07. Spirit
08. Burnin' Bush
09. Serpentine Fire
10. Fantasy
11. Love's Holiday
12. Brazilian Rhyme (aka Ponta de Areia)
13. I'll Write A Song For You
14. Jupiter
15. Be Ever Wonderful

Disc 3:
01. September
02. Boogie Wonderland
03. Let's Groove
04. In The Stone
05. Can't Let Go
06. After The Love Has Gone
07. And Love Goes On
08. Rock That!
09. Fall In Love With Me
10. Side By Side
11. Wanna Be With You
12. Where Have All The Flowers Gone
13. Gratitude
14. Reasons
15. Kalimba Story / Sing A Message To You


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Files in this torrent

CD1/01. Open Our Eyes.mp313.7 MB
CD1/02. Evil.mp313.4 MB
CD1/03. Keep Your Head To The Sky.mp313.8 MB
CD1/04. Devotion.mp313.3 MB
CD1/05. Mighty Mighty.mp39 MB
CD1/06. Kalimba Story.mp311.2 MB
CD1/07. Shining Star.mp38.5 MB
CD1/08. That's the Way Of The World.mp315.1 MB
CD1/09. Happy Feelin'.mp39.5 MB
CD1/10. All About Love.mp317.1 MB
CD1/11. Yearnin' Learnin'.mp310.4 MB
CD1/12. Sun Goddess (live with Ramsey Lewis).mp319.6 MB
CD1/13. Sing A Song.mp39.8 MB
CD1/14. Can't Hide Love.mp311.6 MB
CD1/15. Getaway.mp310.6 MB
CD1/Earth, Wind & Fire - The Real... Earth, Wind & Fire (Disc 1).m3u1.1 KB
CD2/01. Got To Get You Into My Life.mp39.6 MB
CD2/02. Love Music.mp39 MB
CD2/03. Saturday Nite.mp39.3 MB
CD2/04. On Your Face.mp310.5 MB
CD2/05. Biyo.mp38.4 MB
CD2/06. Imagination.mp312.1 MB
CD2/07. Spirit.mp37.4 MB
CD2/08. Burnin' Bush (Shout It On The Mountain mix).mp311.8 MB
CD2/09. Serpentine Fire.mp38.8 MB
CD2/10. Fantasy.mp310.7 MB
CD2/11. Love's Holiday.mp310.1 MB
CD2/12. Ponta de Areia (Brazilian Rhyme).mp32.1 MB
CD2/13. I'll Write A Song For You.mp312.4 MB
CD2/14. Jupiter.mp37.4 MB
CD2/15. Be Ever Wonderful.mp311.8 MB
CD2/Earth, Wind & Fire - The Real... Earth, Wind & Fire (Disc 2).m3u1.1 KB
CD3/01. September.mp38.3 MB
CD3/02. Boogie Wonderland (with The Emotions).mp311.1 MB
CD3/03. Let's Grrove.mp312.9 MB
CD3/04. In The Stone.mp311.1 MB
CD3/05. Can't Let Go.mp38.1 MB
CD3/06. After The Love Is Gone.mp310.7 MB
CD3/07. And Love Goes On.mp39.4 MB
CD3/08. Rock That!.mp37.2 MB
CD3/09. Fall In Love With Me.mp313.5 MB
CD3/10. Side By Side.mp313.7 MB
CD3/11. Wanna Be With You.mp310.6 MB
CD3/12. Where Have All The Flowers Gone.mp311.2 MB
CD3/13. Gratitude.mp38 MB
CD3/14. Reasons.mp311.5 MB
CD3/15. Kalimba Story , Sing A Message To You (Live).mp317 MB
CD3/Earth, Wind & Fire - The Real... Earth, Wind & Fire (Disc 3).m3u1.2 KB
Cover.jpg2 MB

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