WavSupply - LeauxFI – The 6ixGOD Drumkit

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WavSupply - LeauxFI – The 6ixGOD DrumkitWavSupply - LeauxFI – The 6ixGOD Drumkit

WavSupply - LeauxFI – The 6ixGOD Drumkit.torrent
50 MB in 99 files
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Custom Drum Kit by LeauxFi

20.1 MB MB | 100+ files
– 12 808’s / Basses
– 7 Clap / Snaps
– 11 SFX
– 18 HiHats
– 9 Kicks
– 8 Loops / Extras
– 14 Percs
– 21 Snares / Rims
– 3 VOX


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Files in this torrent

808s + Bass/City 808.wav636.6 KB
808s + Bass/Essential 808.wav1.1 MB
808s + Bass/JLou 808.wav1.7 MB
808s + Bass/Leaux 808-2.wav1.4 MB
808s + Bass/Leaux 808.wav715.7 KB
808s + Bass/Leaux Sub.wav1.5 MB
808s + Bass/Sauce Moog.wav1.2 MB
808s + Bass/Short Punch.wav691.9 KB
808s + Bass/The 40 Special.wav2.5 MB
Claps & Snaps/Addict Clap.wav305.7 KB
Claps & Snaps/AiO Snap.wav165.4 KB
Claps & Snaps/ATL Clap.wav11.7 KB
Claps & Snaps/Brodie Clap.wav161.7 KB
Claps & Snaps/Drop Clap.wav124.4 KB
Claps & Snaps/NOiR Clap.wav27.8 KB
Claps & Snaps/RnB Snap.wav441.4 KB
Hi Hats/HH - 8bit Hat.wav47.7 KB
Hi Hats/HH - Bounce Hat.wav138 KB
Hi Hats/HH - Diesel Hat.wav138.9 KB
Hi Hats/HH - Fedora Hat.wav64.9 KB
Hi Hats/HH - Focus Hat.wav26 KB
Hi Hats/HH - Gold Hat.wav158.9 KB
Hi Hats/HH - Honesty Hat.wav67.3 KB
Hi Hats/HH - Pen Griffey Hat.wav242.2 KB
Hi Hats/HH - Shorty.wav172.9 KB
Hi Hats/HH - Slow Hat.wav33.3 KB
Hi Hats/HH - Tick.wav35 KB
Hi Hats/HH - TR808 Hat.wav138.2 KB
Hi Hats/HH - Trey Hat.wav117.6 KB
Hi Hats/OH - Burner Hat.wav318.2 KB
Hi Hats/OH - Quick Hat.wav109.1 KB
Hi Hats/OH - Righteous Hat.wav93.5 KB
Hi Hats/OH - Static Hat.wav152.2 KB
Hi Hats/OH - Trill Hat.wav343.8 KB
Kicks/6ix Kick.wav115.5 KB
Kicks/Ben Kick.wav318.2 KB
Kicks/Deep Kick.wav153.4 KB
Kicks/Exile Kick.wav32 KB
Kicks/Mountain Kick.wav43.6 KB
Kicks/Phantom Kick.wav176.9 KB
Kicks/Real Kick.wav247.9 KB
Kicks/Thump Kick.wav364.1 KB
Kicks/TR808 Kick.wav330.9 KB
Loops + Extras/Dusty Loop.wav1.9 MB
Loops + Extras/Fill 1.wav318.2 KB
Loops + Extras/Fill 2.wav478.7 KB
Loops + Extras/Fill 3.wav459.6 KB
Loops + Extras/Fill 4.wav574.4 KB
Loops + Extras/Groove Hat Loop.wav1.8 MB
Loops + Extras/Vivrant Loop 1.wav417.6 KB
Loops + Extras/Vivrant Loop 2.wav417.5 KB
Percussion/80s Cowbell.wav142.2 KB
Percussion/Bongo Flam.wav31.2 KB
Percussion/Broke Tamborine.wav108.7 KB
Percussion/Digi Daiko Perc.wav79.7 KB
Percussion/Lust Conga.wav109.3 KB
Percussion/Mission Tom.wav636.2 KB
Percussion/Pipe Hit.wav86.2 KB
Percussion/SitarStab.wav121.1 KB
Percussion/Sleigh Bell.wav636.2 KB
Percussion/Stick Hit.wav8.8 KB
Percussion/Taiko Bachi.wav218.9 KB
Percussion/TR808 Conga.wav172.4 KB
Percussion/V8 Perc.wav318.2 KB
Percussion/Water Perc.wav578.4 KB
SFX/Badmon Blip.wav80 KB
SFX/Badmon Blip2.wav172.2 KB
SFX/Computer Love.wav25.9 KB
SFX/Election Night.wav956.7 KB
SFX/Invicta.wav413.6 KB
SFX/Nebula.wav1.9 MB
SFX/Sonar.wav987.4 KB
SFX/Sound Test.wav481.2 KB
SFX/That Somebody.wav1.1 MB
SFX/Wind Up.wav293.6 KB
Snares+Rims/Accent Snare.wav172 KB
Snares+Rims/ADHD Snare.wav318.2 KB
Snares+Rims/Badmon Snare.wav318.2 KB
Snares+Rims/Badu Rim.wav689.2 KB
Snares+Rims/C Note Snare.wav169.9 KB
Snares+Rims/Clutch Rim.wav62.3 KB
Snares+Rims/Dinero Rim.wav24.3 KB
Snares+Rims/Ethnic Rim.wav318.2 KB
Snares+Rims/Guile Snare.wav174.4 KB
Snares+Rims/Ludwig Snare.wav141.1 KB
Snares+Rims/Ontario Snare.wav318.2 KB
Snares+Rims/Over Snare.wav160.9 KB
Snares+Rims/Polow Snare.wav344.7 KB
Snares+Rims/Real Rim.wav221.4 KB
Snares+Rims/Roll Snare.wav157.5 KB
Snares+Rims/Root Snare.wav158.3 KB
Snares+Rims/Stacked Rim.wav184.9 KB
Snares+Rims/Stages Rim.wav14 KB
Snares+Rims/Tight Snare.wav159.2 KB
Snares+Rims/Toronto Snare.wav41.8 KB
Snares+Rims/Wayne Rim.wav26.3 KB
VOX/Let It Breathe.wav134.2 KB
VOX/Woah.wav459.6 KB
VOX/Yeah.wav113.8 KB

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