American Dad! - Seasons 1 To 18 (S01-S18) Collectors Edition [NVEnc 10Bit 1080p HEVC][AAC 5.1Ch][WEBRip][English Subs]

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American Dad! - Seasons 1 to 18 (S01-S18) Collectors Edition [NVEnc 10Bit 1080p HEVC][AAC 5.1Ch][WEBRip][English Subs]

American Dad! - Seasons 1 to 18 (S01-S18) Collectors Edition [NVEnc 10Bit 1080p HEVC][AAC 5.1Ch][WEBRip][English Subs].torrent
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American Dad! - Seasons 1 to 18 (S01-S18) Collectors Edition [NVEnc 10Bit 1080p HEVC][AAC 5.1Ch][WEBRip][English Subs]

Now in 10Bit!

This is a Truly Complete and Remastered Edition of all American Dad! episodes in their correct order for every season according to Wikipedia: Link Here.

Re-encoded in H265 NVEnc (HEVC - High-Efficiency Video Coding) .MP4 10Bit with the full-colour range, they should all be at the correct 23.976FPS unlike many compilations on this site and now the aspect ratios/dimensions have been fixed so everything is either 1440x1080p or 1920x1080p depending on the season. All files have been re-encoded from the original source in a higher bitrate, which overall made them look better than the previous release I had uploaded. Like all my torrents this centres around a balance of good quality and small file size. If you're in any doubt of the image fidelity please check out the metadata and the screenshots below, of which there are probably too many.

Every file to have corresponding cover art for that particular season, they are custom, unique, look amazing and are totally new compared to the last release before the fix, all matching, and aesthetically pleasing to say the least.

All files should be properly and neatly named for you, so you can enjoy it in your collection rather than feeling you need to rename everything because there are no added tags and unnecessary naming schemes.

All videos should have internal (not burnt-in) English subtitles (they came from multiple sources and added manually, I did my best to maintain consistency) along with 5.1Ch/6Ch Surround Sound at 320kbps (no upsampling) as I managed to source better episodes, fixed their order and a lot more to make this a one of a kind download that I hope you will find great value in. You can use My MP4Box GUI to demux the subs into an .srt file if you wish and it will save in the same folder as the video, it may need renaming to the exact name of the video to work on a TV automatically.

As a bonus, all available Season 19 (S19) episodes 1 to 6 (E01-E06) have been included with full surround sound, subs and a resolution at 1080p like the others. I will re-release when the other episodes air and complete the season, for now, this just tops you off and gives you absolutely everything from 05/03/2022.

For some odd reason "S18E16 - Plot Heavy" doesn't seem to exist almost anywhere, makes no sense whatsoever. But it's in this release, so get it here while you can as I've sourced what would seem to be a rare copy.

Everything should be good to go in this V3 release, a lot of effort was put into this so I really hope it makes you happy, enjoy!

Selective download (no RAR files) so you can choose what you want before you download.

Please Seed, it's what we need!

American Dad! is an American adult animated sitcom created by Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker, and Matt Weitzman for the Fox Broadcasting Company and later on TBS. American Dad! is the first television series to have its inception on the network's Animation Domination block. The series premiered on February 6, 2005, following Super Bowl XXXIX, with the rest of the first season airing three months later beginning May 1, 2005. American Dad! is a joint production between Fuzzy Door Productions and 20th Television Animation and syndicated by 20th Television.

The creative direction of American Dad! has largely been guided by Barker (prior to his departure from the show in season 10) and Weitzman as opposed to MacFarlane, resulting in a series that is different from its counterparts. Unlike MacFarlane's other shows, Family Guy and, to a lesser extent, The Cleveland Show, American Dad! does not lean as heavily on the use of cutaway gags, and is less concerned with conventional "setup-punchline" jokes, instead deriving its humour mostly from the quirky characters, the relationships between family members, and the relatively relatable plots. While the core issues and resolutions are relatable in most episodes, the show nonetheless weaves in fantastical elements, pitching the tone of the show somewhere between observational comedy and farce. The plots are often absurd, but grounded by family stories and real-world issues.

-The series focuses on the eccentric upper middle-class Smith family in the fictional community of Langley Falls, Virginia and their four housemates: Father, husband, CIA agent, Republican, and breadwinner Stan; his wife and homemaker/housewife, Francine; their leftist, hippie, college-aged daughter, Hayley; and their dorky high-school-aged son, Steve. There are three additional main characters, including Hayley's boyfriend and later husband, Jeff Fischer; the family's unusual goldfish, Klaus, who has the brain of an East German athlete; and Roger, the alien, who is a deceitful, self-serving master of disguise. Stan's boss Avery Bullock, the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, is a recurring character.

Screens (There are a lot, early episode screens are last):

1 - Comparison of Early Episodes to New:

2 - 1920x1080p Later Episodes (i.e. later half of S06 then S07 onwards):

3 - 1440x1080p Early Episodes (i.e. S01 to the middle of S06):

Media Info 1 - 1440x1080p Episode:


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Season 01/American Dad! - S01E01 - Pilot.mp4189.3 MB
Season 01/American Dad! - S01E02 - Threat Levels.mp4198.1 MB
Season 01/American Dad! - S01E03 - Stan Knows Best.mp4175 MB
Season 01/American Dad! - S01E04 - Francines Flashback.mp4186.9 MB
Season 01/American Dad! - S01E05 - Roger Codger.mp4191.4 MB
Season 01/American Dad! - S01E06 - Homeland Insecurity.mp4166.8 MB
Season 01/American Dad! - S01E07 - Deacon Stan, Jesus Man.mp4168.9 MB
Season 02/American Dad! - S02E01 - Bullocks To Stan.mp4162.8 MB
Season 02/American Dad! - S02E02 - A Smith In The Hand.mp4170.8 MB
Season 02/American Dad! - S02E03 - All About Steve.mp4197.1 MB
Season 02/American Dad! - S02E04 - Con Heir.mp4150.2 MB
Season 02/American Dad! - S02E05 - Stan Of Arabia (Part 1).mp4175.5 MB
Season 02/American Dad! - S02E06 - Stan Of Arabia (Part 2).mp4189.8 MB
Season 02/American Dad! - S02E07 - Stannie Get Your Gun.mp4178.2 MB
Season 02/American Dad! - S02E08 - Star Trek.mp4159 MB
Season 02/American Dad! - S02E09 - Not Particularly Desperate Housewives.mp4167 MB
Season 02/American Dad! - S02E10 - Rough Trade.mp4153.4 MB
Season 02/American Dad! - S02E11 - Finances With Wolves.mp4179.5 MB
Season 02/American Dad! - S02E12 - Its Good To Be The Queen.mp4158.9 MB
Season 02/American Dad! - S02E13 - Roger N Me.mp4164.9 MB
Season 02/American Dad! - S02E14 - Helping Handis.mp4168.8 MB
Season 02/American Dad! - S02E15 - With Friends Like Steves.mp4186.9 MB
Season 02/American Dad! - S02E16 - Tears Of A Clooney.mp4172.7 MB
Season 03/American Dad! - S03E01 - Camp Refoogee.mp4176.9 MB
Season 03/American Dad! - S03E02 - The American Dad! After School Special.mp4153.1 MB
Season 03/American Dad! - S03E03 - Failure Is Not A Factory-Installed Option.mp4135 MB
Season 03/American Dad! - S03E04 - Lincoln Lover.mp4167 MB
Season 03/American Dad! - S03E05 - Dungeons And Wagons.mp4162.6 MB
Season 03/American Dad! - S03E06 - Iced, Iced Babies.mp4166.6 MB
Season 03/American Dad! - S03E07 - Of Ice And Men.mp4175.2 MB
Season 03/American Dad! - S03E08 - Irregarding Steve.mp4163.3 MB
Season 03/American Dad! - S03E09 - The Best Christmas Story Never Told.mp4169 MB
Season 03/American Dad! - S03E10 - Bush Comes To Dinner.mp4140.1 MB
Season 03/American Dad! - S03E11 - American Dream Factory.mp4172.4 MB
Season 03/American Dad! - S03E12 - A T The Abusive Terrestrial.mp4138.8 MB
Season 03/American Dad! - S03E13 - Black Mystery Month.mp4146.2 MB
Season 03/American Dad! - S03E14 - An Apocalypse To Remember.mp4163.9 MB
Season 03/American Dad! - S03E15 - Four Little Words.mp4157.5 MB
Season 03/American Dad! - S03E16 - When A Stan Loves A Woman.mp4141.5 MB
Season 03/American Dad! - S03E17 - I Cant Stan You.mp4142 MB
Season 03/American Dad! - S03E18 - The Magnificent Steven.mp4200.3 MB
Season 03/American Dad! - S03E19 - Joint Custody.mp4138.2 MB
Season 04/American Dad! - S04E01 - The Vacation Goo.mp4182.1 MB
Season 04/American Dad! - S04E02 - Meter Made.mp4169.7 MB
Season 04/American Dad! - S04E03 - Dope & Faith.mp4158.5 MB
Season 04/American Dad! - S04E04 - Big Trouble In Little Langley.mp4177.4 MB
Season 04/American Dad! - S04E05 - Haylias.mp4153.2 MB
Season 04/American Dad! - S04E06 - The 42-Year-Old Virgin.mp4152 MB
Season 04/American Dad! - S04E07 - Surro-Gate.mp4153.7 MB
Season 04/American Dad! - S04E08 - The Most Adequate Christmas Ever.mp4155 MB
Season 04/American Dad! - S04E09 - Frannie 911.mp4119.9 MB
Season 04/American Dad! - S04E10 - Tearjerker.mp4188.4 MB
Season 04/American Dad! - S04E11 - Oedipal Panties.mp4148.3 MB
Season 04/American Dad! - S04E12 - Widowmaker.mp4139.3 MB
Season 04/American Dad! - S04E13 - Red October Sky.mp4155.3 MB
Season 04/American Dad! - S04E14 - Office Spaceman.mp4128.7 MB
Season 04/American Dad! - S04E15 - Stanny Slickers Ii The Legend Of Ollies Gold.mp4136.1 MB
Season 04/American Dad! - S04E16 - Spring Breakup.mp4201.9 MB
Season 05/American Dad! - S05E01 - 1600 Candles.mp4137.2 MB
Season 05/American Dad! - S05E02 - The One That Got Away.mp4129.8 MB
Season 05/American Dad! - S05E03 - One Little Word.mp4135.8 MB
Season 05/American Dad! - S05E04 - Choosey Wives Choose Smith.mp4164.9 MB
Season 05/American Dad! - S05E05 - Escape From Pearl Bailey.mp4158.2 MB
Season 05/American Dad! - S05E06 - Pulling Double Booty.mp4187 MB
Season 05/American Dad! - S05E07 - Phantom of the Telethon.mp4154.9 MB
Season 05/American Dad! - S05E08 - Chimdale.mp4132.7 MB
Season 05/American Dad! - S05E09 - Stan Time.mp4129.2 MB
Season 05/American Dad! - S05E10 - Family Affair.mp4128.1 MB
Season 05/American Dad! - S05E11 - Live and Let Fry.mp4128.6 MB
Season 05/American Dad! - S05E12 - Roy Rogers McFreely.mp4154.1 MB
Season 05/American Dad! - S05E13 - Jack's Back.mp4148.4 MB
Season 05/American Dad! - S05E14 - Bar Mitzvah Shuffle.mp4152.9 MB
Season 05/American Dad! - S05E15 - Wife Insurance.mp4128.7 MB
Season 05/American Dad! - S05E16 - Delorean Story-An.mp4158.3 MB
Season 05/American Dad! - S05E17 - Every Which Way But Lose.mp4166.9 MB
Season 05/American Dad! - S05E18 - Weiner of Our Discontent.mp4130.7 MB
Season 05/American Dad! - S05E19 - Daddy Queerest.mp4141 MB
Season 05/American Dad! - S05E20 - Stan's Night Out.mp4135.9 MB
Season 06/American Dad! - S06E01 - In Country...Club.mp4189.8 MB
Season 06/American Dad! - S06E02 - Moon Over Isla Island.mp4152.7 MB
Season 06/American Dad! - S06E03 - Home Adrone.mp4162.4 MB
Season 06/American Dad! - S06E04 - Brains, Brains and Automobiles.mp4156.1 MB
Season 06/American Dad! - S06E05 - Man in the Moonbounce.mp4167.3 MB
Season 06/American Dad! - S06E06 - Shallow Vows.mp4140.1 MB
Season 06/American Dad! - S06E07 - My Morning Straitjacket.mp4162.5 MB
Season 06/American Dad! - S06E08 - G-String Circus.mp4140.4 MB
Season 06/American Dad! - S06E09 - Rapture's Delight.mp4169.7 MB
Season 06/American Dad! - S06E10 - Don't Look a Smith Horse in the Mouth.mp4186.8 MB
Season 06/American Dad! - S06E11 - A Jones for a Smith.mp4179.3 MB
Season 06/American Dad! - S06E12 - May the Best Stan Win.mp4181 MB
Season 06/American Dad! - S06E13 - Return of the Bling.mp4155.8 MB
Season 06/American Dad! - S06E14 - Cops and Roger.mp4148.6 MB
Season 06/American Dad! - S06E15 - Merlot Down Dirty Shame.mp4166.8 MB
Season 06/American Dad! - S06E16 - Bully for Steve.mp4179.9 MB
Season 06/American Dad! - S06E17 - An Incident at Owl Creek.mp4182.3 MB
Season 06/American Dad! - S06E18 - Great Space Roaster.mp4155.8 MB
Season 07/American Dad! - S07E01 - 100 A.D. (Part 1).mp4180 MB
Season 07/American Dad! - S07E02 - Son of Stan (Part 2).mp4202.7 MB

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