Mara L. Refactoring To Rust (MEAP 5) 2022

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Mara L. Refactoring to Rust (MEAP 5)<span style=color:#777> 2022</span>Mara L. Refactoring to Rust (MEAP 5)<span style=color:#777> 2022</span>

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Get the speed and reliability of Rust libraries, functions, and high-performance features through incremental adoption without rewriting your codebase from scratch.
In Refactoring to Rust you will learn to:
Create Rust libraries you can call from other programming languages
Integrate Rust functions with code in other languages
Use Rust’s ownership and borrowing system to write high performance code
Handle errors as values using Rust’s enums
Minimize unnecessary memory usage with Rust’s multiple string types
Boost performance with Rust concurrency and async event processing
Create Rust HTTP services
Refactoring to Rust teaches you how to take advantage of Rust’s easy-to-use interoperating mechanisms. Learn practical code-mixing techniques like embedding Rust libraries into apps written in other languages. This practical guide emphasises techniques for incrementally refactoring performance-critical code to Rust while keeping the rest of your application in its original language


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