Mark Knopfler - The Studio Albums 2009 - 2018 (2022) Mp3 320kbps [PMEDIA] ⭐️

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Mark Knopfler - The Studio Albums<span style=color:#777> 2009</span> -<span style=color:#777> 2018</span> <span style=color:#777>(2022)</span> Mp3 320kbps [PMEDIA] ⭐️

Mark Knopfler - The Studio Albums 2009 - 2018 (2022) Mp3 320kbps [PMEDIA] ⭐️.torrent
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Artist: Mark Knopfler
Album:  The Studio Albums 2009 – 2018
Year: 2022
Genre: Rock
Format/Quality: .mp3 320 kbps

1. Border Reiver (4:34)
2. Hard Shoulder (4:34)
3. You Can't Beat The House (3:26)
4. Before Gas And TV (5:50)
5. Monteleone (3:40)
6. Cleaning My Gun (4:43)
7. The Car Was The One (3:56)
8. Remembrance Day (5:06)
9. Get Lucky (4:34)
10. So Far From The Clyde (5:59)
11. Piper To The End (5:45)

1. Redbud Tree (3:19)
2. Haul Away (4:01)
3. Don't Forget Your Hat (5:15)
4. Privateering (6:19)
5. Miss You Blues (4:18)
6. Corned Beef City (3:32)
7. Go, Love (4:52)
8. Hot Or What (4:54)
9. Yon Two Crows (4:26)
10. Seattle (4:17)
11. Kingdom Of Gold (5:22)
12. Got To Have Something (4:01)
13. Radio City Serenade (5:13)
14. I Used To Could (3:36)
15. Gator Blood (4:15)
16. Bluebird (3:27)
17. Dream Of The Drowned Submariner (4:57)
18. Blood And Water (5:19)
19. Today Is Okay (4:45)
20. After The Beanstalk (3:54)

1. Laughs And Jokes And Drinks And Smokes (6:40)
2. Basil (5:45)
3. River Towns (6:17)
4. Skydiver (4:38)
5. Mighty Man (5:55)
6. Broken Bones (5:30)
7. Long Cool Girl (5:06)
8. Lights Of Taormina (6:09)
9. Silver Eagle (5:02)
10. Beryl (3:11)
11. Wherever I Go (6:25)

1. Trapper Man (6:01)
2. Back On The Dance Floor (5:31)
3. Nobody’s Child (4:17)
4. Nobody Does That (5:15)
5. Good On You Son (5:38)
6. Floating Away (5:03)
7. One Song At A Time (6:17)
8. Heavy Up (6:00)
9. Slow Learner (4:34)
10. Just A Boy Away From Home (5:12)
11. My Bacon Roll (5:36)
12. When You Leave (4:13)
13. Matchstick Man (2:52)

1. Early Bird (5:36)
2. Time In The Sun (2:53)
3. Pulling Down The Ride (2:41)
4. Home Boy (3:16)
5. Good As Gold (3:26)
6. Occupation Blues (4:20)
7. River of Grog (3:41)
8. Follow The Ribbon (8:08)
9. Your Perfect Song (2:57)
10. .38 Special (2:45)
11. My Heart Has Never Changed (3:47)
12. Terminal Of Tribute To (5:50)
13. Heart Of Oak (1:42)
14. Time Will End All Sorrow (2:59)
15. Oklahoma Ponies (5:19)
16. Rear View Mirror (2:28)
17. Pale Imitation (3:58)
18. Drovers’ Road (5:05)
19. Every Heart In The Room (4:29)
20. Don’t Suck Me In (5:17)
21. Sky And Water (4:31)
22. Back In The Day (5:46)
23. Precious Voice From Heaven (5:57)


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CD1/01. Border Reiver.mp310.7 MB
CD1/02. Hard Shoulder.mp310.7 MB
CD1/03. You Can't Beat The House.mp38.1 MB
CD1/04. Before Gas And TV.mp313.6 MB
CD1/05. Monteleone.mp38.6 MB
CD1/06. Cleaning My Gun.mp311 MB
CD1/07. The Car Was The One.mp39.2 MB
CD1/08. Remembrance Day.mp311.9 MB
CD1/09. Get Lucky.mp310.7 MB
CD1/10. So Far From The Clyde.mp313.9 MB
CD1/11. Piper To The End.mp313.4 MB
CD2/01. Redbud Tree.mp37.8 MB
CD2/02. Haul Away.mp39.4 MB
CD2/03. Don't Forget Your Hat.mp312.2 MB
CD2/04. Privateering.mp314.7 MB
CD2/05. Miss You Blues.mp310 MB
CD2/06. Corned Beef City (Remastered 2022).mp38.3 MB
CD2/07. Go, Love.mp311.4 MB
CD2/08. Hot Or What.mp311.4 MB
CD2/09. Yon Two Crows.mp310.4 MB
CD2/10. Seattle.mp310 MB
CD2/11. Kingdom Of Gold.mp312.5 MB
CD2/12. Got To Have Something.mp39.4 MB
CD2/13. Radio City Serenade.mp312.2 MB
CD2/14. I Used To Could.mp38.5 MB
CD2/15. Gator Blood.mp39.9 MB
CD2/16. Bluebird.mp38.1 MB
CD2/17. Dream Of The Drowned Submariner.mp311.5 MB
CD2/18. Blood And Water.mp312.4 MB
CD2/19. Today Is Okay.mp311.1 MB
CD2/20. After The Beanstalk.mp39.1 MB
CD3/01. Laughs And Jokes And Drinks And Smokes.mp315.5 MB
CD3/02. Basil.mp313.4 MB
CD3/03. River Towns.mp314.6 MB
CD3/04. Skydiver.mp310.8 MB
CD3/05. Mighty Man.mp313.8 MB
CD3/06. Broken Bones.mp312.8 MB
CD3/07. Long Cool Girl.mp311.9 MB
CD3/08. Lights Of Taormina.mp314.3 MB
CD3/09. Silver Eagle.mp311.7 MB
CD3/10. Beryl.mp37.5 MB
CD3/11. Wherever I Go.mp314.9 MB
CD4/01. Trapper Man.mp314 MB
CD4/02. Back On The Dance Floor.mp312.8 MB
CD4/03. Nobody’s Child.mp310 MB
CD4/04. Nobody Does That.mp312.2 MB
CD4/05. Good On You Son.mp313.1 MB
CD4/06. Floating Away.mp311.8 MB
CD4/07. One Song At A Time.mp314.6 MB
CD4/08. Heavy Up.mp313.9 MB
CD4/09. Slow Learner.mp310.7 MB
CD4/10. Just A Boy Away From Home.mp312.1 MB
CD4/11. My Bacon Roll.mp313 MB
CD4/12. When You Leave.mp39.8 MB
CD4/13. Matchstick Man.mp36.8 MB
CD5/01. Early Bird.mp313 MB
CD5/02. Time In The Sun.mp36.8 MB
CD5/03. Pulling Down The Ride.mp36.3 MB
CD5/04. Home Boy.mp37.7 MB
CD5/05. Good As Gold.mp38.1 MB
CD5/06. Occupation Blues.mp310.1 MB
CD5/07. River of Grog.mp38.7 MB
CD5/08. Follow The Ribbon.mp318.8 MB
CD5/09. Your Perfect Song.mp37 MB
CD5/10. .38 Special.mp36.5 MB
CD5/11. My Heart Has Never Changed.mp38.9 MB
CD5/12. Terminal Of Tribute To.mp313.5 MB
CD5/13. Heart Of Oak.mp34.1 MB
CD5/14. Time Will End All Sorrow.mp37 MB
CD5/15. Oklahoma Ponies.mp312.4 MB
CD5/16. Rear View Mirror.mp35.9 MB
CD5/17. Pale Imitation.mp39.3 MB
CD5/18. Drovers’ Road.mp311.9 MB
CD5/19. Every Heart In The Room.mp310.5 MB
CD5/20. Don’t Suck Me In.mp312.3 MB
CD5/21. Sky And Water.mp310.6 MB
CD5/22. Back In The Day.mp313.4 MB
CD5/23. Precious Voice From Heaven.mp313.8 MB
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