Climax Blues Band - Gold Plated (Deluxe Remastered 2-CD)2013 Ak320

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Climax Blues Band - Gold Plated (Deluxe Remastered 2-CD)2013 ak320

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Climax Blues Band - Gold Plated (Deluxe Remastered 2-CD)2013 ak320

Gold Plated was, both an entry and exit point where following the career of the Climax Blues Band was concerned. This was courtesy of the band's biggest hit Couldn't Get It Right which was released in late 1976. A few weeks later the seismic shift of punk burst on to the U.K. scene and well-crafted blues funk was consigned to the dumper by those of us who were the right age at the right time and in the right place. This was a shame, because Gold Plated, the band's ninth album, was a set of finely crafted funky moves, of the kind favoured at the time by the likes of Kokomo and the Average White Band, with some well-seasoned blues chops never far below the surface.
Thanks to: Rockasteria  For the description. I (ak) was a youngster when this appeared and then they were gone as said above, heavier and harder music was the flavor and everybody was hungry so this and many others of the time kinda disappeared.

Tracklist Disk 1

1. Together And Free - 3:52
2. Mighty Fire - 4:49
3. Chasing Chase - 4:18
4. Berlin Blues - 3:27
5. Couldn't Get It Right - 3:17
6. Rollin' Home - 3:12
7. Sav'ry Gravy - 4:52
8. Extra - 3:37

Bonus Tracks Disk 2

9. Fat Mabellene (Single B Side) - 3:14
10.Together And Free (Single Edit) - 3:16
11.Chasin' Change (Extended Take) - 5:16
12.Shadow Man (Previously Unreleased) - 1:24
13.Couldn't Get It Right (BBC Radio One John Peel Session) - 3:11
14.Chasin' Change (BBC Radio One John Peel Session) - 4:41
15.Together And Free (BBC Radio One John Peel Session) - 3:58
16.Mighty Fire (BBC Radio One John Peel Session) - 5:06

All songs written by Climax Blues Band

The Climax Blues Band
*Colin Cooper - Vocals, Alto, Tenor Saxes, Rhythm Guitra, Clarinet(dead)
*Pete Haycock - Vocals, Lead Guitar. Slide, Acoustic Guitars (dead)
*Richard Jones - Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
*Derek Holt - Vocals, Bass Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Electric Piano
*John Cuffley - Drums, Percussion


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