Blue Bloods S12 (360p Re-webrip)

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Blue Bloods S12 (360p re-webrip)Blue Bloods S12 (360p re-webrip)

Blue Bloods S12 (360p re-webrip).torrent
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Blue Bloods Season 12 - threesixtyp

10/10 Bluray 3/10 VHS Recording
| |
8/10 DVD

On this scale, this upload is about 6/10.

These copies are drawn from the highest quality sources possible, but they are encoded with lower bitrates at 360p resolution to make them ideal for the small screen - phones, tablets, laptops, and monitors.
Keep seeding so I can focus on seeding the next upload!


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Files in this torrent

Blue Bloods S12E01 Hate Is Hate.mp4129.9 MB
Blue Bloods S12E02 Times Like These.mp4105.2 MB
Blue Bloods S12E03 Protective Instincts.mp4104.1 MB
Blue Bloods S12E04 True Blue.mp4108.8 MB
Blue Bloods S12E05 Good Intentions.mp4119.8 MB
Blue Bloods S12E06 Be Smart or Be Dead.mp4108.8 MB
Blue Bloods S12E07 USA Today.mp4113.4 MB
Blue Bloods S12E08 Reality Check.mp4113.5 MB
Blue Bloods S12E09 Firewall.mp4108.9 MB
Blue Bloods S12E10 Old Friends.mp4114.2 MB
Blue Bloods S12E11 On the Arm.mp4111.1 MB
Blue Bloods S12E12 The Reagan Way.mp4108.8 MB
Blue Bloods S12E13 Cold Comfort.mp4114.7 MB
Blue Bloods S12E14 Allegiance.mp4104.2 MB
Blue Bloods S12E15 Where We Stand.mp4112 MB
Blue Bloods S12E16 Guilt.mp499.2 MB
Blue Bloods S12E17 Hidden Motive.mp4110 MB
Blue Bloods S12E18 Long Lost.mp4106.1 MB
Blue Bloods S12E19 Tangled Up in Blue.mp4108 MB
Blue Bloods S12E20 Silver Linings.mp4112.2 MB

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