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Knock 'em Dead Job Interview by Martin Yate EPUBKnock 'em Dead Job Interview by Martin Yate EPUB

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Knock 'em Dead Job Interview by Martin Yate EPUB

Do you know how to turn job interviews into job offers? Do you realize that this is probably the single most important skill you can develop, because this ability is what puts food on your table, keeps a roof over your head, and has significant impact on the overall success of your career.

Yet you almost certainly have less experience turning job interviews into job offers than with any other essential professional skill. In a world without job security this is obviously a critical skill set that you need to survive and succeed in life.

Every page is packed with tips and tactics that will work for you at any job interview. You'll learn how to prepare psychologically for interviews, how to turn phone interviews into face-to-face interviews, and how to dress for success on the big day.

Most importantly, you get insider knowledge for answering hundreds of tough questions: Behavioral questions won't scare you anymore. You don't get canned answers, but an understanding of what is behind each question, what the interviewer seeks in asking it, what points you need to get across, plus a sample response.

You'll learn how to follow up effectively and negotiate the best possible job offers, and you'll also get 100 questions to ask that help you evaluate both the job offer and your potential new boss.

With no filler and never a word wasted, Knock 'Em Dead Job Interview shows you how to turn job interviews into job offers and paychecks, increasing your professional success and financial stability.

Right now you can develop skills that you will need to sustain your professional growth and stability throughout the balance of your career.

This is advice that you'll value for a lifetime, so what are you waiting for?



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