Mark Knopfler - The Studio Albums 2009 - 2018 (2022)

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Mark Knopfler - The Studio Albums<span style=color:#777> 2009</span> -<span style=color:#777> 2018</span> <span style=color:#777>(2022)</span>

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Название: The Studio Albums 2009 - 2018

Исполнитель: VA

Год: 2022

Жанр: Rock

Издатель (лейбл): UMC (Universal Music Catalogue)

Продолжительность: 06:06:09

Формат/Кодек: MP3

Битрейт аудио: 320 Kbps


CD 01: (00:52:07)

01. Border Reiver

02. Hard Shoulder

03. You Can't Beat The House

04. Before Gas And TV

05. Monteleone

06. Cleaning My Gun

07. The Car Was The One

08. Remembrance Day

09. Get Lucky

10. So Far From The Clyde

11. Piper To The End

CD 02: (01:30:02)

01. Redbud Tree

02. Haul Away

03. Don't Forget Your Hat

04. Privateering

05. Miss You Blues

06. Corned Beef City (Remastered 2022)

07. Go, Love

08. Hot Or What

09. Yon Two Crows

10. Seattle

11. Kingdom Of Gold

12. Got To Have Something

13. Radio City Serenade

14. I Used To Could

15. Gator Blood

16. Bluebird

17. Dream Of The Drowned Submariner

18. Blood And Water

19. Today Is Okay

20. After The Beanstalk

CD 03: (01:00:39)

01. Laughs And Jokes And Drinks And Smokes

02. Basil

03. River Towns

04. Skydiver

05. Mighty Man

06. Broken Bones

07. Long Cool Girl

08. Lights Of Taormina

09. Silver Eagle

10. Beryl

11. Wherever I Go

CD 04: (01:06:29)

01. Trapper Man

02. Back On The Dance Floor

03. Nobody’s Child

04. Nobody Does That

05. Good On You Son

06. Floating Away

07. One Song At A Time

08. Heavy Up

09. Slow Learner

10. Just A Boy Away From Home

11. My Bacon Roll

12. When You Leave

13. Matchstick Man

CD 05: (01:36:52)

01. Early Bird

02. Time In The Sun

03. Pulling Down The Ride

04. Home Boy

05. Good As Gold

06. Occupation Blues

07. River of Grog

08. Follow The Ribbon

09. Your Perfect Song

10. .38 Special

11. My Heart Has Never Changed

12. Terminal Of Tribute To

13. Heart Of Oak

14. Time Will End All Sorrow

15. Oklahoma Ponies

16. Rear View Mirror

17. Pale Imitation

18. Drovers’ Road

19. Every Heart In The Room

20. Don’t Suck Me In

21. Sky And Water

22. Back In The Day

23. Precious Voice From Heaven

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CD1/01. Border Reiver.mp310.7 MB
CD1/02. Hard Shoulder.mp310.7 MB
CD1/03. You Can't Beat The House.mp38.1 MB
CD1/04. Before Gas And TV.mp313.6 MB
CD1/05. Monteleone.mp38.6 MB
CD1/06. Cleaning My Gun.mp311 MB
CD1/07. The Car Was The One.mp39.2 MB
CD1/08. Remembrance Day.mp311.9 MB
CD1/09. Get Lucky.mp310.7 MB
CD1/10. So Far From The Clyde.mp313.9 MB
CD1/11. Piper To The End.mp313.4 MB
CD2/01. Redbud Tree.mp37.8 MB
CD2/02. Haul Away.mp39.4 MB
CD2/03. Don't Forget Your Hat.mp312.2 MB
CD2/04. Privateering.mp314.7 MB
CD2/05. Miss You Blues.mp310 MB
CD2/06. Corned Beef City (Remastered 2022).mp38.3 MB
CD2/07. Go, Love.mp311.4 MB
CD2/08. Hot Or What.mp311.4 MB
CD2/09. Yon Two Crows.mp310.4 MB
CD2/10. Seattle.mp310 MB
CD2/11. Kingdom Of Gold.mp312.5 MB
CD2/12. Got To Have Something.mp39.4 MB
CD2/13. Radio City Serenade.mp312.2 MB
CD2/14. I Used To Could.mp38.5 MB
CD2/15. Gator Blood.mp39.9 MB
CD2/16. Bluebird.mp38.1 MB
CD2/17. Dream Of The Drowned Submariner.mp311.5 MB
CD2/18. Blood And Water.mp312.4 MB
CD2/19. Today Is Okay.mp311.1 MB
CD2/20. After The Beanstalk.mp39.1 MB
CD3/01. Laughs And Jokes And Drinks And Smokes.mp315.5 MB
CD3/02. Basil.mp313.4 MB
CD3/03. River Towns.mp314.6 MB
CD3/04. Skydiver.mp310.8 MB
CD3/05. Mighty Man.mp313.8 MB
CD3/06. Broken Bones.mp312.8 MB
CD3/07. Long Cool Girl.mp311.9 MB
CD3/08. Lights Of Taormina.mp314.3 MB
CD3/09. Silver Eagle.mp311.7 MB
CD3/10. Beryl.mp37.5 MB
CD3/11. Wherever I Go.mp314.9 MB
CD4/01. Trapper Man.mp314 MB
CD4/02. Back On The Dance Floor.mp312.8 MB
CD4/03. Nobody’s Child.mp310 MB
CD4/04. Nobody Does That.mp312.2 MB
CD4/05. Good On You Son.mp313.1 MB
CD4/06. Floating Away.mp311.8 MB
CD4/07. One Song At A Time.mp314.6 MB
CD4/08. Heavy Up.mp313.9 MB
CD4/09. Slow Learner.mp310.7 MB
CD4/10. Just A Boy Away From Home.mp312.1 MB
CD4/11. My Bacon Roll.mp313 MB
CD4/12. When You Leave.mp39.8 MB
CD4/13. Matchstick Man.mp36.8 MB
CD5/01. Early Bird.mp313 MB
CD5/02. Time In The Sun.mp36.8 MB
CD5/03. Pulling Down The Ride.mp36.3 MB
CD5/04. Home Boy.mp37.7 MB
CD5/05. Good As Gold.mp38.1 MB
CD5/06. Occupation Blues.mp310.1 MB
CD5/07. River of Grog.mp38.7 MB
CD5/08. Follow The Ribbon.mp318.8 MB
CD5/09. Your Perfect Song.mp37 MB
CD5/10. .38 Special.mp36.5 MB
CD5/11. My Heart Has Never Changed.mp38.9 MB
CD5/12. Terminal Of Tribute To.mp313.5 MB
CD5/13. Heart Of Oak.mp34.1 MB
CD5/14. Time Will End All Sorrow.mp37 MB
CD5/15. Oklahoma Ponies.mp312.4 MB
CD5/16. Rear View Mirror.mp35.9 MB
CD5/17. Pale Imitation.mp39.3 MB
CD5/18. Drovers’ Road.mp311.9 MB
CD5/19. Every Heart In The Room.mp310.5 MB
CD5/20. Don’t Suck Me In.mp312.3 MB
CD5/21. Sky And Water.mp310.6 MB
CD5/22. Back In The Day.mp313.4 MB
CD5/23. Precious Voice From Heaven.mp313.8 MB
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