The Choir - Artifact-The Unreleased Album (1969, 2018)⭐FLAC

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The Choir - Artifact-The Unreleased Album (1969,<span style=color:#777> 2018</span>)⭐FLACThe Choir - Artifact-The Unreleased Album (1969,<span style=color:#777> 2018</span>)⭐FLAC

The Choir - Artifact-The Unreleased Album (1969, 2018)⭐FLAC.torrent
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Artist: The Choir
Album: Artifact: The Unreleased Album
Country: US
Genre: Garage Rock / Rock'n'Roll
Release: 1969 (1994)
Quality: FLAC | lossless

The Choir was a garage rock band largely active in the greater Cleveland area from the mid-1960s into the early 1970s. Originally called The Mods, their largest commercial success came with the release of their first single "It's Cold Outside" in December 1966. The song, considered to be a classic of the garage rock era, was featured on Pebbles, Volume 2, one of the earlier garage rock compilation LPs (issued in 1979). The flipside, "I'm Going Home" was included as a bonus track when the Pebbles album was reissued as a CD, and it can also be found on a garage rock compilation LP on Ohio bands, Highs in the Mid-Sixties, Volume 9. The Choir is well known for containing three of the four original members of Raspberries (all except lead singer Eric Carmen).

1. Anyway I Can - 3:30
2. If These Are Men - 2:58
3. Ladybug - 3:20
4. I Can't Stay In Your Life - 3:43
5. David Watts - 2:42
6. Have I No Love To Offer - 5:41
7. For Eric - 6:38
8. It's All Over - 4:29
9. Boris' Lament - 2:50
10.Mummer Band - 2:37


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03 - Lady Bug.flac26 MB
04 - I Can't Stay in Your Life.flac29.8 MB
05 - David Watts.flac19.1 MB
06 - Have I No Love to Offer.flac39.7 MB
07 - For Eric.flac47.8 MB
08 - It’s All Over.flac30.7 MB
09 - Boris’ Lament.flac20.4 MB
10 - Mummer Band.flac20.4 MB
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