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Family Guy - Seasons 1 to 20

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Family Guy - Seasons 01 to 20 (S01-S20) The Chiefly Uncensored Master Collection [1080p NVEnc 10Bit HEVC][DD-DDP 2&5.1Ch][English Subs]

The much-anticipated release is here. The best collection of Family Guy you can get! Most (Chiefly) Episodes are Uncensored and all in 10Bit 1080p.

The Master Collection of Family Guy

To download you MUST HAVE Encryption Required set in your torrent client (also if you want faster speeds use something like Qbittorrent, set it to Require Encryption and tick anonymous mode, then in advanced settings, choose your VPN as the Network Interface. You'll have slower speeds on something like Utorrent). if you're using rtorrent/rutorrent set this in .rtorrent.rc and restart your client:


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Files in this torrent

Extras - Alternate jokes & Cutaways/Family Guy - S00E07 - Family Guy (Pilot).mkv62.7 MB
Extras - Alternate jokes & Cutaways/Family Guy - S08E17 - Brian & Stewie - TV Scenes.mkv153.6 MB
Extras - Alternate jokes & Cutaways/Family Guy - S15E03 - American Gigg-Olo - Cat Scene (Uncensored).mkv12.6 MB
Season 01/Family Guy - S01E01 - Death Has A Shadow.mkv220.9 MB
Season 01/Family Guy - S01E02 - I Never Met The Dead Man.mkv183.8 MB
Season 01/Family Guy - S01E03 - Chitty Chitty Death Bang.mkv199.1 MB
Season 01/Family Guy - S01E04 - Mind Over Murder.mkv167.4 MB
Season 01/Family Guy - S01E05 - A Hero Sits Next Door (Uncensored + PEZ Scene).mkv201.9 MB
Season 01/Family Guy - S01E06 - The Son Also Draws.mkv209.1 MB
Season 01/Family Guy - S01E07 - Brian- Portrait Of A Dog.mkv180.3 MB
Season 02/Family Guy - S02E01 - Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater.mkv207.4 MB
Season 02/Family Guy - S02E02 - Holy Crap.mkv219.8 MB
Season 02/Family Guy - S02E03 - Da Boom.mkv240.6 MB
Season 02/Family Guy - S02E04 - Brian in Love.mkv192.3 MB
Season 02/Family Guy - S02E05 - Love Thy Trophy.mkv183.3 MB
Season 02/Family Guy - S02E06 - Death is a Bitch.mkv180.6 MB
Season 02/Family Guy - S02E07 - The King is Dead.mkv185.1 MB
Season 02/Family Guy - S02E08 - I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar.mkv188.3 MB
Season 02/Family Guy - S02E09 - If I'm Dyin' I'm Lyin'.mkv194.4 MB
Season 02/Family Guy - S02E10 - Running Mates.mkv183.4 MB
Season 02/Family Guy - S02E11 - A Picture's Worth a Thousand Bucks.mkv205.3 MB
Season 02/Family Guy - S02E12 - Fifteen Minutes of Shame.mkv219.2 MB
Season 02/Family Guy - S02E13 - Road to Rhode Island (Uncensored).mkv184.7 MB
Season 02/Family Guy - S02E14 - Let's Go to the Hop.mkv202.3 MB
Season 02/Family Guy - S02E15 - Dammit Janet.mkv193.7 MB
Season 02/Family Guy - S02E16 - There's Something About Paulie.mkv192.9 MB
Season 02/Family Guy - S02E17 - He's Too Sexy for His Fat.mkv215 MB
Season 02/Family Guy - S02E18 - E. Peterbus Unum.mkv180.8 MB
Season 02/Family Guy - S02E19 - The Story on Page One.mkv196.3 MB
Season 02/Family Guy - S02E20 - Wasted Talent.mkv185.1 MB
Season 02/Family Guy - S02E21 - Fore, Father.mkv187.1 MB
Season 03/Family Guy - S03E01 - The Thin White Line.mkv201.5 MB
Season 03/Family Guy - S03E02 - Brian Does Hollywood.mkv183.7 MB
Season 03/Family Guy - S03E03 - Mr. Griffin Goes To Washington.mkv205.6 MB
Season 03/Family Guy - S03E04 - One If By Clam, Two If By Sea.mkv189.9 MB
Season 03/Family Guy - S03E05 - And The Wiener Is.mkv204.3 MB
Season 03/Family Guy - S03E06 - Death Lives.mkv222.4 MB
Season 03/Family Guy - S03E07 - Lethal Weapons.mkv214.3 MB
Season 03/Family Guy - S03E08 - The Kiss Seen Round The World.mkv204.4 MB
Season 03/Family Guy - S03E09 - Mr. Saturday Knight.mkv221.2 MB
Season 03/Family Guy - S03E10 - Fish Out Of Water.mkv190.4 MB
Season 03/Family Guy - S03E11 - Emission Impossible.mkv209.2 MB
Season 03/Family Guy - S03E12 - To Love And Die In Dixie.mkv182.7 MB
Season 03/Family Guy - S03E13 - Screwed The Pooch.mkv182.4 MB
Season 03/Family Guy - S03E14 - Peter Griffin Husband, Father...Brother.mkv194.6 MB
Season 03/Family Guy - S03E15 - Ready, Willing, And Disabled.mkv229.1 MB
Season 03/Family Guy - S03E16 - A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas.mkv211.8 MB
Season 03/Family Guy - S03E17 - Brian Wallows And Peter's Swallows.mkv206.4 MB
Season 03/Family Guy - S03E18 - From Method To Madness.mkv201.7 MB
Season 03/Family Guy - S03E19 - Stuck Together, Torn Apart.mkv180.2 MB
Season 03/Family Guy - S03E20 - Road To Europe.mkv187 MB
Season 03/Family Guy - S03E21 - Family Guy Viewer Mail #1.mkv195.8 MB
Season 03/Family Guy - S03E22 - When You Wish Upon A Weinstein.mkv213.8 MB
Season 04/Family Guy - S04E01 - North by North Quahog.mkv246.8 MB
Season 04/Family Guy - S04E02 - Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High.mkv204.4 MB
Season 04/Family Guy - S04E03 - Blind Ambition.mkv255.9 MB
Season 04/Family Guy - S04E04 - Dont Make Me Over.mkv239.1 MB
Season 04/Family Guy - S04E05 - The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire (Uncensored).mkv255.4 MB
Season 04/Family Guy - S04E06 - Petarded (Uncensored).mkv228.4 MB
Season 04/Family Guy - S04E07 - Brian, The Bachelor.mkv221.9 MB
Season 04/Family Guy - S04E08 - 8 Simple Rules for Buying my Teenage Daughter.mkv222.7 MB
Season 04/Family Guy - S04E09 - Breaking Out Is Hard To Do.mkv236 MB
Season 04/Family Guy - S04E10 - Model Misbehavior (Uncensored).mkv204.9 MB
Season 04/Family Guy - S04E11 - Peters Got Woods (Uncensored).mkv219.2 MB
Season 04/Family Guy - S04E12 - Perfect Castaway.mkv229.5 MB
Season 04/Family Guy - S04E13 - Jungle Love.mkv263 MB
Season 04/Family Guy - S04E14 - PTV.mkv238.8 MB
Season 04/Family Guy - S04E15 - Brian Goes Back to College.mkv246.9 MB
Season 04/Family Guy - S04E16 - The Courtship of Stewies Father.mkv266 MB
Season 04/Family Guy - S04E17 - The Fat Guy Strangler.mkv241.3 MB
Season 04/Family Guy - S04E18 - The Father, The Son, and The Holy Fonz.mkv236.4 MB
Season 04/Family Guy - S04E19 - Brian Sings and Swings.mkv237.4 MB
Season 04/Family Guy - S04E20 - Patriot Games (Uncensored).mkv277.2 MB
Season 04/Family Guy - S04E21 - I Take Thee Quagmire.mkv233.2 MB
Season 04/Family Guy - S04E22 - Sibling Rivalry.mkv245 MB
Season 04/Family Guy - S04E23 - Deep Throats.mkv240.2 MB
Season 04/Family Guy - S04E24 - Peterotica.mkv219.3 MB
Season 04/Family Guy - S04E25 - You May Now Kiss The... Uh... Guy Who Receives.mkv216 MB
Season 04/Family Guy - S04E26 - Petergeist.mkv277.2 MB
Season 04/Family Guy - S04E27 - The Griffin Family History.mkv270.7 MB
Season 05/Family Guy - S05E01 - Stewie Loves Lois (Uncensored).mkv253.6 MB
Season 05/Family Guy - S05E02 - Mother Tucker (Uncensored).mkv230.9 MB
Season 05/Family Guy - S05E03 - Hell Comes to Quahog (Uncensored).mkv255.9 MB
Season 05/Family Guy - S05E04 - Saving Private Brian (Uncensored).mkv280.5 MB
Season 05/Family Guy - S05E05 - Whistle While Your Wife Works (Uncensored).mkv250.5 MB
Season 05/Family Guy - S05E06 - Prick Up Your Ears (Uncensored).mkv247 MB
Season 05/Family Guy - S05E07 - Chick Cancer (Uncensored).mkv232.6 MB
Season 05/Family Guy - S05E08 - Barely Legal (Uncensored).mkv252.2 MB
Season 05/Family Guy - S05E09 - Road to Rupert (Uncensored).mkv272.3 MB
Season 05/Family Guy - S05E10 - Peter's Two Dads (Uncensored).mkv236 MB
Season 05/Family Guy - S05E11 - The Tan Aquatic With Steve Zissou (Uncensored).mkv256.3 MB
Season 05/Family Guy - S05E12 - Airport '07 (Uncensored).mkv284.3 MB
Season 05/Family Guy - S05E13 - Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey (Uncensored).mkv223.4 MB
Season 05/Family Guy - S05E14 - No Meals On Wheels (Uncensored).mkv228.1 MB
Season 05/Family Guy - S05E15 - Boys Do Cry (Uncensored).mkv237.7 MB
Season 05/Family Guy - S05E16 - No Chris Left Behind (Uncensored).mkv272.1 MB
Season 05/Family Guy - S05E17 - It Takes a Village Idiot... and I Married One (Uncensored).mkv234.4 MB
Season 05/Family Guy - S05E18 - Meet the Quagmires (Uncensored).mkv270.5 MB

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