Udemy - AutoCAD 2D And 3D CAD Design Learn Easy

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Udemy - AutoCAD 2D and 3D CAD Design Learn Easy

Udemy - AutoCAD 2D and 3D CAD Design Learn Easy.torrent
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Udemy - AutoCAD 2D and 3D CAD Design Learn Easy

English | Tutorial | Size: 3.81 GB


This is a course designed to learn AutoCAD from scratch.

AutoCAD is the most popular software for computer-aided design. It is the basic platform for areas such as civil engineering, architecture, mechanical design and simulation. It is the ideal software to start, knowing the design principles to later apply it to specialized software in vertical disciplines such as Revit (Architecture, 3D Max), Revit MEP (Electromechanical / Plumbing), Civil Engineering (Structure, Advance Steel, Robot), Topography and civil works (Civil 3D).


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Files in this torrent

1. Introduction.mp486.6 MB
10. Splines.mp419.1 MB
11. Ellipse.mp419.5 MB
12. Layers.mp444.5 MB
13. Editing Tool - 1.mp453.2 MB
14. Editing Tool - 2.mp450.5 MB
15. Array.mp443.9 MB
16. Offset & Revision Clouds.mp428.3 MB
17. Dimensions.mp487.9 MB
18. Dimensions Style Manager.mp453.2 MB
19. Importing PDF to AutoCAD.mp421.9 MB
2. Interface.mp457.8 MB
20. Tables.mp443.1 MB
21. Blocks.mp447.6 MB
22. Layouts.mp446.5 MB
23. Title Block.mp423.9 MB
24. Plot.mp439.5 MB
25. Hatch.mp438.7 MB
26. Cooking Range.mp435.6 MB
27. Kitchen Shelf.mp418 MB
28. Cupboard Views.mp421.9 MB
29. Kitchen Appliances.mp436 MB
3. Keyboard Shortcuts.mp423.5 MB
30. Dining Table.mp425.4 MB
31. Sofa Chair Set.mp424.3 MB
32. Auxiliary Furniture.mp439.8 MB
33. Bed.mp421.4 MB
34. Beds.mp441.6 MB
35. Bath Tub.mp420.8 MB
36. Washroom WC.mp441.5 MB
37. Washroom Accessories.mp441.5 MB
38. DIY Project.mp452.4 MB
39. Cars.mp441.9 MB
4. Lines.mp427.5 MB
40. 3D Piston.mp436 MB
41. Introduction.mp420.9 MB
42. Layers Formation.mp454.5 MB
43. Axis Formation.mp463.2 MB
44. Axis Names.mp492.7 MB
45. Walls Formation.mp4175.5 MB
46. Doors Formation.mp482.2 MB
47. Windows Formation.mp460.9 MB
48. CAD Blocks.mp493.7 MB
49. Relating layers to Blocks.mp427 MB
5. Circles.mp429.9 MB
50. Space Names.mp436.2 MB
51. Primary Dimensions.mp4149.6 MB
52. Secondary Dimensions.mp4128.1 MB
53. Planter Formation.mp4127.5 MB
54. Plant Blocks.mp439.2 MB
55. Hatching.mp484.2 MB
56. Introduction.mp421.8 MB
57. Keyboard Shortcuts.mp438.9 MB
58. User Interface and Navigation.mp427.3 MB
59. Getting Started - 2D Layout Review ( Isolated Layers ).mp419.3 MB
6. Arc.mp437 MB
60. Base Creation & Learn Extrude Command.mp426.2 MB
61. Walls Creation & Learn Press Pull Command.mp460.5 MB
62. Spaces for Doors & Learn Move and Union Command.mp489.2 MB
63. Spaces for Windows 1 & Learn Use of Coordinate System.mp4106.8 MB
64. Spaces for Windows 2 & Learn Subtract Command.mp441.1 MB
65. Doors Placement & Learn Scale Command.mp4115.7 MB
66. Windows Placement & Learn Rotate Command.mp492.4 MB
67. Exhaust Fan Creation & Learn Array Command.mp456.6 MB
68. Entrance Base Creation & Learn Match Property Command.mp444.5 MB
69. Roof Creation & Learn Offset Command.mp437.5 MB
7. Polylines.mp415.6 MB
70. Pillar Creation & Learn Revolve Command.mp463.6 MB
71. Boundary Wall Creation & Remove Unncessary Data.mp438.6 MB
72. Minor Adjustments & Learn Region Command.mp467.3 MB
73. Apply Material & Learn Mat Browser Open Command.mp497.8 MB
74. Render & Learn Camera Creation Command.mp441.6 MB
75. Conclusion - Information regarding Revit (BIM).mp449.3 MB
76. Import from dgn and export to dxf and dwg - and bulk export using microstation.mp452.9 MB
8. Rectangles.mp428.6 MB
9. Polygons.mp414.5 MB
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