Clerks 1 And 2 - Comedy Duology 1994-2006 Eng Subs 720p [H264-mp4]

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Clerks 1 And 2 - Comedy Duology 1994-2006 Eng Subs 720p [H264-mp4]Clerks 1 And 2 - Comedy Duology 1994-2006 Eng Subs 720p [H264-mp4]

Clerks 1 And 2 - Comedy Duology 1994-2006 Eng Subs 720p [H264-mp4].torrent
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IMDb [=>-Clerks 1994]

Rotten Tomatoes [=>-Clerks 1994]

IMDb [=>-Clerks II 2006]

Rotten Tomatoes [=>-Clerks II 2006]

Clerks 1994.

When Dante Hicks Brian O'Halloran is reluctantly put in charge of the Quick Stop 

market on his day off, he tries, though half-heartedly, to perform his minimum-wage 

duties as efficiently as possible. This gets tough amidst the on-going fight with his 

girlfriend, Veronica Marilyn Ghigliotti, and his attempt to get back together with 

his ex-girlfriend, Caitlyn Bree Lisa Spoonhauer. Meanwhile, his friend and alter ego 

Randall Jeff Anderson is working behind the counter of the adjacent video store at 

least when he feels like it. Randall's unabashed disdain of his place of employment, 

a long with his self-admitted hatred towards its customers is a sharp contrast to 

Dante's feeble attempts at the niceties of customer service. Much of the film 

consists of Randall and Dante's criticism of their customers, their lives, and the 

world in general.


=>-Brian O'Halloran : Dante.

=>-Jeff Anderson : Randal.

=>-Jason Mewes : Jay.

=>-Kevin Smith : Silent Bob.

=>-Marilyn Ghigliotti : Veronica.


=>-Kevin Smith.

Clerks II 2006.

Ten years later, Dante Hicks heads to work at the Quick Stop, only to discover it is 

burnt down. The calamity forces him and his friend Randal Graves to seek employment 

at the fast-food joint Mooby's. A year later, Dante is on the verge of leaving New 

Jersey and moving to Florida with his fiancee Emma and leave his dead-end minimum 

wage lifestyle. This leaves Randal feeling rejected and betrayed. However, as the 

day progresses, Dante starts questioning whether it is worth moving down to Florida 

after all.


=>-Brian O'Halloran : Dante.

=>-Jeff Anderson : Randal.

=>-Jason Mewes : Jay.

=>-Kevin Smith : Silent Bob.

=>-Ben Affleck : Gawking Guy.


=>-Kevin Smith.


=>-Genre : Comedy : Drama : Classic.

=>-Release Date : 1994 : 2006.

=>-Language : English.

=>-File Sizes : 1.31 GiB : 1.28 GiB.

=>-Overall bit rate : 1 882 kbps.

=>-Movie Runtime : 1h 39min : 1h 37min.


=>-Codec : H264/MPEG-4 AVC.

=>-Aspect Ratio : 16:9.

=>-Resolution : 1280 x 720.

=>-Bit rate : 1 444 kbps.

Audio 1 English.

=>-Codec : mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC.

=>-Channels : 2 channel.

=>-Bit Rate : 112 kbps.

=>-Maximum bit rate : 211 kbps.

Audio 2 English.

=>-Codec : Digital Audio Compression AC-3.

=>-Channels : 6 channels-Front L C R, Side: L R, LFE.

=>-Bit Rate : 320 kbps.

=>-Bit rate mode : Constant.

Subtitles - Softsubbed : SubRip : MicroDVD.



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