Elvis Presley - The RCA Album Collection - Pt2 - [CD21- 40 Of 60] - [2016]

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Elvis Presley - The RCA Album Collection  - Pt2 - [CD21- 40 of 60]  - [2016]Elvis Presley - The RCA Album Collection  - Pt2 - [CD21- 40 of 60]  - [2016]

Elvis Presley - The RCA Album Collection - Pt2 - [CD21- 40 of 60] - [2016].torrent
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Roustabout (1964)

21-1 –Elvis Presley Roustabout

21-2 –Elvis Presley Little Egypt

21-3 –Elvis Presley Poison Ivy League

21-4 –Elvis Presley Hard Knocks

21-5 –Elvis Presley It's A Wonderful World

21-6 –Elvis Presley Big Love, Big Heartache

21-7 –Elvis Presley One Track Heart

21-8 –Elvis Presley It's Carnival Time

21-9 –Elvis Presley Carny Town

21-10 –Elvis Presley There's A Brand New Day On The Horizon

21-11 –Elvis Presley Wheels On My Heels

Girl Happy (1965)

22-1 –Elvis Presley Girl Happy

22-2 –Elvis Presley Spring Fever

22-3 –Elvis Presley Fort Lauderdale Chamber Of Commerce

22-4 –Elvis Presley Startin' Tonight

22-5 –Elvis Presley Wolf Call

22-6 –Elvis Presley Do Not Disturb

22-7 –Elvis Presley Cross My Heart And Hope To Die

22-8 –Elvis Presley The Meanest Girl In Town

22-9 –Elvis Presley Do The Clam

22-10 –Elvis Presley Puppet On A String

22-11 –Elvis Presley I've Got To Find My Baby

22-12 –Elvis Presley You'll Be Gone

Elvis For Everyone (1965)

23-1 –Elvis Presley Your Cheatin' Heart

23-2 –Elvis Presley Summer Kisses, Winter Tears

23-3 –Elvis Presley Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers

23-4 –Elvis Presley In My Way

23-5 –Elvis Presley Tomorrow Night

23-6 –Elvis Presley Memphis Tennessee

23-7 –Elvis Presley For The Millionth And The Last Time

23-8 –Elvis Presley Forget Me Never

23-9 –Elvis Presley Sound Advice

23-10 –Elvis Presley Santa Lucia

23-11 –Elvis Presley I Met Her Today

23-12 –Elvis Presley When It Rains It Really Pours

Harum Scarum (1965)

24-1 –Elvis Presley Harem Holiday

24-2 –Elvis Presley My Desert Serenade

24-3 –Elvis Presley Go East, Young Man

24-4 –Elvis Presley Mirage

24-5 –Elvis Presley Kismet

24-6 –Elvis Presley Shake That Tambourine

24-7 –Elvis Presley Hey Little Girl

24-8 –Elvis Presley Golden Coins

24-9 –Elvis Presley So Close, Yet So Far (From Paradise)

24-10 –Elvis Presley Animal Instinct

24-11 –Elvis Presley Wisdom Of The Ages

Frankie And Johnny (1966)

25-1 –Elvis Presley Frankie And Johnny

25-2 –Elvis Presley Come Along

25-3 –Elvis Presley Petunia, The Gardener's Daughter

25-4 –Elvis Presley Chesay

25-5 –Elvis Presley What Every Woman Lives For

25-6 –Elvis Presley Look Out, Broadway

25-7 –Elvis Presley Beginner's Luck

25-8 –Elvis Presley Down By The Riverside / When The Saints Go Marching In

25-9 –Elvis Presley Shout It Out

25-10 –Elvis Presley Hard Luck

25-11 –Elvis Presley Please Don't Stop Loving Me

25-12 –Elvis Presley Everybody Come Aboard

Paradise Hawaiian Style (1966)

26-1 –Elvis Presley Paradise Hawaiian Style

26-2 –Elvis Presley Queenie Wahine's Papaya

26-3 –Elvis Presley Scratch My Back

26-4 –Elvis Presley Drums Of The Islands

26-5 –Elvis Presley Datin'

26-6 –Elvis Presley A Dog's Life

26-7 –Elvis Presley House Of Sand

26-8 –Elvis Presley Stop Where You Are

26-9 –Elvis Presley Thus Is My Heaven

26-10 –Elvis Presley Sand Castles

Spinout (1966)

27-1 –Elvis Presley Stop, Look And Listen

27-2 –Elvis Presley Adam And Evil

27-3 –Elvis Presley All That I Am

27-4 –Elvis Presley Never Say Yes

27-5 –Elvis Presley Am I Ready

27-6 –Elvis Presley Beach Shack

27-7 –Elvis Presley Spinout

27-8 –Elvis Presley Smorgasbord

27-9 –Elvis Presley I'll Be Back

27-10 –Elvis Presley Tomorrow Is A Long Time

27-11 –Elvis Presley Down In The Alley

27-12 –Elvis Presley I'll Remember You

How Great Thou Art (1967)

28-1 –Elvis Presley How Great Thou Art

28-2 –Elvis Presley In The Garden

28-3 –Elvis Presley Somebody Bigger Than You And I

28-4 –Elvis Presley Farther Along

28-5 –Elvis Presley Stand By Me

28-6 –Elvis Presley Without Him

28-7 –Elvis Presley So High

28-8 –Elvis Presley Where Could I Go But To The Lord

28-9 –Elvis Presley By And By

28-10 –Elvis Presley If The Lord Wasn't Walking By My Side

28-11 –Elvis Presley Run On

28-12 –Elvis Presley Where No One Stands Alone

28-13 –Elvis Presley Crying In The Chapel

28-14 –Elvis Presley We Call On Him

28-15 –Elvis Presley You'll Never Walk Alone

Double Trouble (1967)

29-1 –Elvis Presley Double Trouble

29-2 –Elvis Presley Baby, If You'll Give Me All Of Your Love

29-3 –Elvis Presley Could I Fall In Love

29-4 –Elvis Presley Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On)

29-5 –Elvis Presley City By Night

29-6 –Elvis Presley Old MacDonald

29-7 –Elvis Presley I Love Only One Girl

29-8 –Elvis Presley There Is So Much World To See

29-9 –Elvis Presley It Won't Be Long

29-10 –Elvis Presley Never Ending

29-11 –Elvis Presley Blue River

29-12 –Elvis Presley What Now, What Next, Where To

Clambake (1967)

30-1 –Elvis Presley Guitar Man

30-2 –Elvis Presley Clambake

30-3 –Elvis Presley Who Needs Money ?

30-4 –Elvis Presley A House That Has Everything

30-5 –Elvis Presley Confidence

30-6 –Elvis Presley Hey, Hey, Hey

30-7 –Elvis Presley You Don't Know Me

30-8 –Elvis Presley The Girl I Never Loved

30-9 –Elvis Presley How Can You Lose What You Never Had

30-10 –Elvis Presley Big Boss Man

30-11 –Elvis Presley Singing Tree

30-12 –Elvis Presley Just Call Me Lonesome

30-13 –Elvis Presley Hi-Heeled Sneakers

Elvis' Golden Records Volume 4 (1968)

31-1 –Elvis Presley Love Letters

31-2 –Elvis Presley Witchcraft

31-3 –Elvis Presley It Hurts Me

31-4 –Elvis Presley What'd I Say

31-5 –Elvis Presley Please Don't Drag That String Around

31-6 –Elvis Presley Indescribably Blue

31-7 –Elvis Presley (You're The) Devil In Disguise

31-8 –Elvis Presley Lonely Man

31-9 –Elvis Presley A Mess Of Blues

31-10 –Elvis Presley Ask Me

31-11 –Elvis Presley Ain't That Loving You Baby

31-12 –Elvis Presley Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello

31-13 –Elvis Presley Wild In The Country

31-14 –Elvis Presley Viva Las Vegas

Speedway (1968)

32-1 –Elvis Presley Speedway

32-2 –Elvis Presley There Ain't Nothing But A Song

32-3 –Elvis Presley Your Time Hasn't Come Yet Baby

32-4 –Elvis Presley Who Are You? (Who Am I?)

32-5 –Elvis Presley He's Your Uncle Not Your Dad

32-6 –Elvis Presley Let Yourself Go

32-7 –Elvis Presley With Nancy Sinatra Your Groovy Self

32-8 –Elvis Presley Five Sleepy Heads

32-9 –Elvis Presley Western Union

32-10 –Elvis Presley Mine

32-11 –Elvis Presley Goin' Home

32-12 –Elvis Presley Suppose

Elvis Sings Flaming Star (1968)

33-1 –Elvis Presley Flaming Star

33-2 –Elvis Presley Wonderful World

33-3 –Elvis Presley Night Life

33-4 –Elvis Presley All I Needed Was The Rain

33-5 –Elvis Presley Too Much Monkey Business

33-6 –Elvis Presley The Yellow Rose Of Texas / The Eyes Of Texas

33-7 –Elvis Presley She's A Machine

33-8 –Elvis Presley Do The Vega

33-9 –Elvis Presley Tiger Man

33-10 –Elvis Presley Britches

33-11 –Elvis Presley A Cane And A High Starched Collar

Elvis (NBC-TV Special) (1968)

34-1a –Elvis Presley Trouble

34-1b –Elvis Presley Guitar Man

34-2a –Elvis Presley Lawdy Miss Clawdy

34-2b –Elvis Presley Baby What You Want Me To Do

34-2c –Elvis Presley Heartbreak Hotel

34-2d –Elvis Presley Hound Dog

34-2e –Elvis Presley All Shook Up

34-2f –Elvis Presley Can't Help Falling In Love

34-2g –Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock

34-2h –Elvis Presley Love Me Tender

34-3a –Elvis Presley Where Could I Go But To The Lord

34-3b –Elvis Presley Up Above My Head

34-3c –Elvis Presley Saved

34-4a –Elvis Presley Blue Christmas

34-4b –Elvis Presley One Night

34-5 –Elvis Presley Memories

34-6a –Elvis Presley Nothingville

34-6b –Elvis Presley Big Boss Man

34-6c –Elvis Presley Guitar Man

34-6d –Elvis Presley Little Egypt

34-6e –Elvis Presley Trouble

34-6f –Elvis Presley Guitar Man

34-7 –Elvis Presley If I Can Dream

From Elvis In Memphis (1969)

35-1 –Elvis Presley Wearin' That Loved On Look

35-2 –Elvis Presley Only The Strong Survive

35-3 –Elvis Presley I'll Hold You In My Heart (Till I Can Hold You In My Arms)

35-4 –Elvis Presley Long Black Limousine

35-5 –Elvis Presley It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'

35-6 –Elvis Presley I'm Movin' On

35-7 –Elvis Presley Power Of My Love

35-8 –Elvis Presley Gentle On My Mind

35-9 –Elvis Presley After Loving You

35-10 –Elvis Presley True Love Travels On A Gravel Road

35-11 –Elvis Presley Any Day Now

35-12 –Elvis Presley In The Ghetto

35-13 –Elvis Presley Suspicious Minds

35-14 –Elvis Presley Don't Cry Daddy

35-15 –Elvis Presley Kentucky Rain

35-16 –Elvis Presley Mama Liked The Roses

From Memphis to Vegas / From Vegas to Memphis (1969)

36-1 –Elvis Presley Blue Suede Shoes

36-2 –Elvis Presley Johnny B. Goode

36-3 –Elvis Presley All Shook Up

36-4 –Elvis Presley Are You Lonesome Tonight?

36-5 –Elvis Presley Hound Dog

36-6 –Elvis Presley I Can't Stop Loving You

36-7 –Elvis Presley My Babe

36-8a –Elvis Presley Mystery Train

36-8b –Elvis Presley Tiger Man

36-9 –Elvis Presley Words

36-10 –Elvis Presley In The Ghetto

36-11 –Elvis Presley Suspicious Minds

36-12 –Elvis Presley Can't Help Falling In Love

36-13 –Elvis Presley Inherit The Wind

36-14 –Elvis Presley This Is The Story

36-15 –Elvis Presley Stranger In My Own Home Town

36-16 –Elvis Presley A Little Bit Of Green

36-17 –Elvis Presley And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind

36-18 –Elvis Presley Do You Know Who I Am

36-19 –Elvis Presley From A Jack To A King

36-20 –Elvis Presley The Fair's Moving On

36-21 –Elvis Presley You'll Think Of Me

36-22 –Elvis Presley Without Love (There Is Nothing)

Let's Be Friends (1970)

37-1 –Elvis Presley Stay Away, Joe

37-2 –Elvis Presley If I'm A Fool (For Loving You)

37-3 –Elvis Presley Let's Be Friends

37-4 –Elvis Presley Let's Forget About The Stars

37-5 –Elvis Presley Mama

37-6 –Elvis Presley I'll Be There

37-7 –Elvis Presley Almost

37-8 –Elvis Presley Change Of Habit

37-9 –Elvis Presley Have A Happy

37-10 –Elvis Presley Dainty Little Moonbeams

37-11 –Elvis Presley Girls! Girls! Girls! Finale

37-12 –Elvis Presley Plantation Rock

37-13 –Elvis Presley Let Us Pray

37-14 –Elvis Presley Who Am I?

On Stage (1970)

38-1 –Elvis Presley See See Rider

38-2 –Elvis Presley Release Me

38-3 –Elvis Presley Sweet Caroline

38-4 –Elvis Presley Runaway

38-5 –Elvis Presley The Wonder Of You

38-6 –Elvis Presley Polk Salad Annie

38-7 –Elvis Presley Yesterday

38-8 –Elvis Presley Proud Mary

38-9 –Elvis Presley Walk A Mile In My Shoes

38-10 –Elvis Presley Let It Be Me

Almost In Love (1970)

39-1 –Elvis Presley Almost In Love

39-2 –Elvis Presley Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On)

39-3 –Elvis Presley Edge Of Reality

39-4 –Elvis Presley My Little Friend

39-5 –Elvis Presley A Little Less Conversation

39-6 –Elvis Presley Rubberneckin'

39-7 –Elvis Presley Clean Up Your Own Backyard

39-8 –Elvis Presley U.S. Male

39-9 –Elvis Presley Charro!

39-10 –Elvis Presley Stay Away

39-11 –Elvis Presley Dominic

39-12 –Elvis Presley Signs Of The Zodiak

39-13 –Elvis Presley Swing Down Sweet Chariot

That's the Way It Is (1970)

40-1 –Elvis Presley I Just Can't Help Believin'

40-2 –Elvis Presley Twenty Days And Twenty Nights

40-3 –Elvis Presley How The Web Was Woven

40-4 –Elvis Presley Patch It Up

40-5 –Elvis Presley Mary In The Morning

40-6 –Elvis Presley You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

40-7 –Elvis Presley You've Lost That Loving Feeling

40-8 –Elvis Presley I've Lost You

40-9 –Elvis Presley Just Pretend

40-10 –Elvis Presley Stranger In The Crowd

40-11 –Elvis Presley The Next Step Is Love

40-12 –Elvis Presley Bridge Over Troubled Water

40-13 –Elvis Presley I've Lost You

40-14 –Elvis Presley Patch It Up


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Disc 21/2105-elvis_presley-its_a_wonderful_world.mp33 MB
Disc 21/2106-elvis_presley-big_love_big_heartache.mp33.2 MB
Disc 21/2108-elvis_presley-its_carnival_time.mp32.5 MB
Disc 21/2109-elvis_presley-carny_town.mp31.9 MB
Disc 21/2111-elvis_presley-wheels_on_my_heels.mp32.2 MB
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Disc 22/2203-elvis_presley-fort_lauderdale_chamber_of_commerce.mp32.5 MB
Disc 22/2204-elvis_presley-startin_tonight.mp32.1 MB
Disc 22/2205-elvis_presley-wolf_call.mp32.3 MB
Disc 22/2206-elvis_presley-do_not_disturb.mp33.1 MB
Disc 22/2207-elvis_presley-cross_my_heart_and_hope_to_die.mp32.9 MB
Disc 22/2208-elvis_presley-the_meanest_girl_in_town.mp33.2 MB
Disc 22/2211-elvis_presley-ive_got_to_find_my_baby.mp32.3 MB
Disc 22/cover.jpg68.7 KB
Disc 23/2301-elvis_presley-your_cheatin_heart.mp32.6 MB
Disc 23/2303-elvis_presley-finders_keepers_losers_weepers.mp33 MB
Disc 23/2304-elvis_presley-in_my_way.mp32.6 MB
Disc 23/2305-elvis_presley-tomorrow_night.mp33.2 MB
Disc 23/2308-elvis_presley-forget_me_never.mp32.7 MB
Disc 23/2309-elvis_presley-sound_advice.mp31.9 MB
Disc 23/2310-elvis_presley-santa_lucia.mp31.9 MB
Disc 23/2312-elvis_presley-when_it_rains_it_really_pours.mp32.1 MB
Disc 23/cover.jpg68.7 KB
Disc 24/2402-elvis_presley-my_desert_serenade.mp32.8 MB
Disc 24/2406-elvis_presley-shake_that_tambourine.mp33.1 MB
Disc 24/2408-elvis_presley-golden_coins.mp32.9 MB
Disc 24/2411-elvis_presley-wisdom_of_the_ages.mp33 MB
Disc 24/cover.jpg68.7 KB
Disc 25/2502-elvis_presley-come_along.mp32.9 MB
Disc 25/2504-elvis_presley-chesay.mp32.7 MB
Disc 25/2506-elvis_presley-look_out_broadway.mp32.6 MB
Disc 25/2508-elvis_presley-down_by_the_riverside_and_when_the_saints_go_marching_in.mp33 MB
Disc 25/2511-elvis_presley-please_dont_stop_loving_me.mp33.1 MB
Disc 25/2512-elvis_presley-everybody_come_aboard.mp32.8 MB
Disc 25/cover.jpg68.7 KB
Disc 26/2602-elvis_presley-queenie_wahines_papaya.mp32.6 MB
Disc 26/2605-elvis_presley-datin.mp32.2 MB
Disc 26/2606-elvis_presley-a_dogs_life.mp33.3 MB
Disc 26/2608-elvis_presley-stop_where_you_are.mp33.2 MB
Disc 26/cover.jpg68.7 KB
Disc 27/2701-elvis_presley-stop_look_and_listen.mp32.4 MB
Disc 27/2702-elvis_presley-adam_and_evil.mp33.1 MB
Disc 27/2704-elvis_presley-never_say_yes.mp33 MB
Disc 27/2706-elvis_presley-beach_shack.mp32.9 MB
Disc 27/2708-elvis_presley-smorgasbord.mp33.2 MB
Disc 27/2709-elvis_presley-ill_be_back.mp33.3 MB
Disc 27/cover.jpg68.7 KB
Disc 28/2807-elvis_presley-so_high.mp33.2 MB
Disc 28/2809-elvis_presley-by_and_by.mp32.9 MB
Disc 28/2810-elvis_presley-if_the_lord_wasnt_walking_by_my_side.mp32.6 MB
Disc 28/cover.jpg68.7 KB
Disc 29/2901-elvis_presley-double_trouble.mp32.6 MB
Disc 29/2902-elvis_presley-baby_if_youll_give_me_all_of_your_love.mp32.9 MB
Disc 29/2903-elvis_presley-could_i_fall_in_love.mp32.6 MB
Disc 29/2904-elvis_presley-long_legged_girl_(with_the_short_dress_on).mp32.3 MB
Disc 29/2907-elvis_presley-i_love_only_one_girl.mp33 MB
Disc 29/2908-elvis_presley-there_is_so_much_world_to_see.mp33.1 MB
Disc 29/2909-elvis_presley-it_wont_be_long.mp32.8 MB
Disc 29/2910-elvis_presley-never_ending.mp33.2 MB
Disc 29/2912-elvis_presley-what_now_what_next_where_to.mp33.1 MB
Disc 29/cover.jpg68.7 KB
Disc 30/3008-elvis_presley-the_girl_i_never_loved.mp33 MB
Disc 30/3012-elvis_presley-just_call_me_lonesome.mp33.3 MB
Disc 30/cover.jpg68.7 KB
Disc 31/3105-elvis_presley-please_dont_drag_that_string_around.mp33.2 MB
Disc 31/3111-elvis_presley-aint_that_loving_you_baby.mp32.7 MB
Disc 31/3112-elvis_presley-just_tell_her_jim_said_hello.mp33.3 MB
Disc 31/3113-elvis_presley-wild_in_the_country_(bonus_track).mp33.1 MB
Disc 31/cover.jpg68.7 KB
Disc 32/3202-elvis_and_nancy_sinatra-there_aint_nothing_like_a_song.mp33.3 MB
Disc 32/3203-elvis_presley-your_time_hasnt_come_yet_baby.mp32.8 MB
Disc 32/3208-elvis_presley-five_sleepy_heads.mp32.3 MB
Disc 32/3212-elvis_presley-suppose.mp33 MB
Disc 32/cover.jpg68.7 KB
Disc 33/3303-elvis_presley-night_life.mp33.1 MB
Disc 33/3304-elvis_presley-all_i_needed_was_the_rain.mp32.9 MB
Disc 33/3307-elvis_presley-shes_a_machine.mp32.6 MB
Disc 33/3309-elvis_presley-tiger_man.mp33.3 MB
Disc 33/3310-elvis_presley-britches_(bonus_track).mp32.8 MB
Disc 33/3311-elvis_presley-a_cane_and_a_high_starched_collar_(bonus_track).mp32.8 MB
Disc 33/cover.jpg68.7 KB
Disc 35/cover.jpg68.7 KB
Disc 36/cover.jpg68.7 KB
Disc 37/3701-elvis_presley-stay_away_joe.mp32.6 MB
Disc 37/3704-elvis_presley-lets_forget_about_the_stars.mp32.6 MB
Disc 37/3705-elvis_presley-mama.mp32.3 MB
Disc 37/3707-elvis_presley-almost.mp32.9 MB
Disc 37/3710-elvis_presley-daintly_little_moonbeams_(bonus_track).mp31.6 MB
Disc 37/3711-elvis_presley-girls_girls_girls_(finale)_(bonus_track).mp31.6 MB
Disc 37/3712-elvis_presley-plantation_rock_(bonus_track).mp33.2 MB
Disc 37/cover.jpg68.7 KB
Disc 38/cover.jpg68.7 KB
Disc 39/3902-elvis_presley-long_legged_girl_(with_the_short_dress_on).mp32.2 MB
Disc 39/3911-elvis_presley-dominic_(bonus_track).mp32.7 MB
Disc 39/cover.jpg68.7 KB
Disc 40/cover.jpg68.7 KB

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