Elvis Presley - The RCA Album Collection - Pt3 - [CD41- 60 Of 60] - [2016]

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Elvis Presley - The RCA Album Collection  - Pt3 - [CD41- 60 of 60]  - [2016]Elvis Presley - The RCA Album Collection  - Pt3 - [CD41- 60 of 60]  - [2016]

Elvis Presley - The RCA Album Collection - Pt3 - [CD41- 60 of 60] - [2016].torrent
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Elvis Country (I'm 10,000 Years Old) (1971)

41-1 –Elvis Presley Snowbird

41-2 –Elvis Presley Tomorrow Never Comes

41-3 –Elvis Presley Little Cabin On The Hill

41-4 –Elvis Presley Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

41-5 –Elvis Presley Funny How Time Slips Away

41-6 –Elvis Presley I Really Don't Want To Know

41-7 –Elvis Presley There Goes My Everything

41-8 –Elvis Presley It's Your Baby, You Rock It

41-9 –Elvis Presley The Fool

41-10 –Elvis Presley Faded Love

41-11 –Elvis Presley I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water

41-12 –Elvis Presley Make The World Go Away

Love Letters from Elvis (1971)

42-1 –Elvis Presley Love Letters

42-2 –Elvis Presley When I'm Over You

42-3 –Elvis Presley If I Were You

42-4a –Elvis Presley Got My Mojo Working

42-4b –Elvis Presley Keep Your Hands Off Of It

42-5 –Elvis Presley Heart Of Rome

42-6 –Elvis Presley Only Believe

42-7 –Elvis Presley This Is Our Dance

42-8 –Elvis Presley Cindy, Cindy

42-9 –Elvis Presley I'll Never Know

42-10 –Elvis Presley It Ain't No Big Thing (But It's Growing)

42-11 –Elvis Presley Life

42-12 –Elvis Presley The Sound Of Your Cry

42-13 –Elvis Presley Where Did They Go, Lord

42-14 –Elvis Presley Rags To Riches

C'mon Everybody (1971)

43-1 –Elvis Presley C'mon Everybody

43-2 –Elvis Presley Angel

43-3 –Elvis Presley Easy Come, Easy Go

43-4 –Elvis Presley A Whistling Tune

43-5 –Elvis Presley Follow That Dream

43-6 –Elvis Presley King Of The Whole Wide World

43-7 –Elvis Presley I'll Take Love

43-8 –Elvis Presley I'm Not The Marrying Kind

43-9 –Elvis Presley This Is Living

43-10 –Elvis Presley Today, Tomorrow and Forever

43-11 –Elvis Presley With Ann Margret The Lady Loves Me

43-12 –Elvis Presley Sing You Children

I Got Lucky (1971)

44-1 –Elvis Presley I Got Lucky

44-2 –Elvis Presley What A Wonderful Life

44-3 –Elvis Presley I Need Somebody To Lean On

44-4 –Elvis Presley Yoga Is As Yoga Does

44-5 –Elvis Presley Riding The Rainbow

44-6 –Elvis Presley Fools Fall In Love

44-7 –Elvis Presley The Love Machine

44-8 –Elvis Presley Home Is Where the Heart Is

44-9 –Elvis Presley You Gotta Stop

44-10 –Elvis Presley If You Think I Don't Need You

44-11 –Elvis Presley You're The Boss

44-12 –Elvis Presley Come What May

Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas (1971)

45-1 –Elvis Presley O Come, All Ye Faithful

45-2 –Elvis Presley The First Noel

45-3 –Elvis Presley On A Snowy Christmas Night

45-4 –Elvis Presley Winter Wonderland

45-5 –Elvis Presley The Wonderful World Of Christmas

45-6 –Elvis Presley It Won't Seem Like Christmas (Without You)

45-7 –Elvis Presley I'll Be Home On Christmas Day

45-8 –Elvis Presley If I Get Home On Christmas Day

45-9 –Elvis Presley Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees

45-10 –Elvis Presley Merry Christmas Baby

45-11 –Elvis Presley Silver Bells

45-12 –Elvis Presley If Every Day Was Like Christmas

Elvis Now (1972)

46-1 –Elvis Presley Help Me Make It Through The Night

46-2 –Elvis Presley Miracle Of The Rosary

46-3 –Elvis Presley Hey Jude

46-4 –Elvis Presley Put Your Hand In The Hand

46-5 –Elvis Presley Until It's Time For You To Go

46-6 –Elvis Presley We Can Make The Morning

46-7 –Elvis Presley Early Morning' Rain

46-8 –Elvis Presley Sylvia

46-9 –Elvis Presley Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread)

46-10 –Elvis Presley I Was Born About Ten Thousand Years Ago

46-11 –Elvis Presley I'm Leavin'

46-12 –Elvis Presley It's Only Love

46-13 –Elvis Presley The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

He Touched Me (1972)

47-1 –Elvis Presley He Touched Me

47-2 –Elvis Presley I've Got Confidence

47-3 –Elvis Presley Amazing Grace

47-4 –Elvis Presley Seeing Is Believing

47-5 –Elvis Presley He Is My Everything

47-6 –Elvis Presley Bosom Of Abraham

47-7 –Elvis Presley An Evening Prayer

47-8 –Elvis Presley Lead Me, Guide Me

47-9 –Elvis Presley There Is No God But God

47-10 –Elvis Presley A Thing Called Love

47-11 –Elvis Presley I, John

47-12 –Elvis Presley Reach Out To Jesus

Elvis: As Recorded At Madison Square Garden (1972)

48-1 –Elvis Presley Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra (Theme From 2001: A Space Odyssey)

48-2 –Elvis Presley That's All Right

48-3 –Elvis Presley Proud Mary

48-4 –Elvis Presley Never Been To Spain

48-5 –Elvis Presley You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

48-6 –Elvis Presley You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'

48-7 –Elvis Presley Polk Salad Annie

48-8 –Elvis Presley Love Me

48-9 –Elvis Presley All Shook Up

48-10 –Elvis Presley Heartbreak Hotel

48-11a –Elvis Presley (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear

48-11b –Elvis Presley Don't Be Cruel

48-12 –Elvis Presley Love Me Tender

48-13 –Elvis Presley The Impossible Dream (The Quest)

48-14 –Elvis Presley Introductions by Elvis

48-15 –Elvis Presley Hound Dog

48-16 –Elvis Presley Suspicious Minds

48-17 –Elvis Presley For The Good Times

48-18 –Elvis Presley American Trilogy

48-19 –Elvis Presley Funny How Time Slips Away

48-20 –Elvis Presley I Can't Stop Loving You

48-21 –Elvis Presley Can't Help Falling In Love

48-22 –Elvis Presley End Theme (Orchestra)

Aloha from Hawaii Via Satellite (1973)

49-1 –Elvis Presley Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra (Theme From 2001: A Space Odyssey)

49-2 –Elvis Presley See See Rider

49-3 –Elvis Presley Burning Love

49-4 –Elvis Presley Something

49-5 –Elvis Presley You Gave Me A Mountain

49-6 –Elvis Presley Steamroller Blues

49-7 –Elvis Presley My Way

49-8 –Elvis Presley Love Me

49-9 –Elvis Presley Johnny B. Goode

49-10 –Elvis Presley It's Over

49-11 –Elvis Presley Blue Suede Shoes

49-12 –Elvis Presley I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

49-13 –Elvis Presley I Can't Stop Loving You

49-14 –Elvis Presley Hound Dog

49-15 –Elvis Presley What Now My Love

49-16 –Elvis Presley Fever

49-17 –Elvis Presley Welcome To My World

49-18 –Elvis Presley Suspicious Minds

49-19 –Elvis Presley Introductions by Elvis

49-20 –Elvis Presley I'll Remember You

49-21a –Elvis Presley Long Tall Sally

49-21b –Elvis Presley Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

49-22 –Elvis Presley An American Trilogy

49-23 –Elvis Presley A Big Hunk O' Love

49-24 –Elvis Presley Can't Help Falling In Love

49-25 –Elvis Presley Blue Hawaii

49-26 –Elvis Presley Ku-U-I-Po

49-27 –Elvis Presley No More

49-28 –Elvis Presley Hawaiian Wedding Song

49-29 –Elvis Presley Early Morning Rain

Elvis (Fool) (1973)

50-1 –Elvis Presley Fool

50-2 –Elvis Presley Where Do I Go From Here

50-3 –Elvis Presley Love Me, Love The Life I Lead

50-4 –Elvis Presley It's Still Here

50-5 –Elvis Presley It's Impossible

50-6 –Elvis Presley (That's What You Get) For Lovin' Me

50-7 –Elvis Presley Padre

50-8 –Elvis Presley I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen

50-9 –Elvis Presley I Will Be True

50-10 –Elvis Presley Don't Think Twice, It's All Right

50-11 –Elvis Presley Separate Ways

50-12 –Elvis Presley For The Good Times

50-13 –Elvis Presley Burning Love

50-14 –Elvis Presley Always On My Mind

50-15 –Elvis Presley It's A Matter Of Time

50-16 –Elvis Presley American Trilogy

Raised On Rock (1973)

51-1 –Elvis Presley Raised On Rock

51-2 –Elvis Presley Are You Sincere

51-3 –Elvis Presley Find Out What's Happening

51-4 –Elvis Presley I Miss You

51-5 –Elvis Presley Girl Of Mine

51-6 –Elvis Presley For Ol' Times Sake

51-7 –Elvis Presley If You Don't Come Back

51-8 –Elvis Presley Just A Little Bit

51-9 –Elvis Presley Sweet Angeline

51-10 –Elvis Presley Three Corn Patches

Good Times (1974)

52-1 –Elvis Presley Take Good Care Of Her

52-2 –Elvis Presley Loving Arms

52-3 –Elvis Presley I Got A Feelin' In My Body

52-4 –Elvis Presley If That Isn't Love

52-5 –Elvis Presley She Wears My Ring

52-6 –Elvis Presley I've Got A Thing About You Baby

52-7 –Elvis Presley My Boy

52-8 –Elvis Presley Spanish Eyes

52-9 –Elvis Presley Talk About The Good Times

52-10 –Elvis Presley Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues

Elvis: As Recorded Live On Stage in Memphis (1974)

53- –Elvis Presley See See Rider

53-2 –Elvis Presley I Got A Woman

53-3 –Elvis Presley Love Me

53-4 –Elvis Presley Trying To Get To You

53-5a –Elvis Presley Long Tall Sally

53-5b –Elvis Presley Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

53-5c –Elvis Presley Mama Don't Dance

53-5d –Elvis Presley Flip, Flop And Fly

53-5e –Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock

53-5f –Elvis Presley Hound Dog

53-6 –Elvis Presley Why Me Lord

53-7 –Elvis Presley How Great Thou Art

53-8a –Elvis Presley Blueberry Hill

53-8b –Elvis Presley I Can't Stop Loving You

53-9 –Elvis Presley Help Me

53-10 –Elvis Presley An American Trilogy

53-11 –Elvis Presley Let Me Be There

53-12 –Elvis Presley My Baby Left Me

53-13 –Elvis Presley Lawdy Miss Clawdy

53-14 –Elvis Presley Can't Help Falling In Love

53-15 –Elvis Presley Closing-Vamp

Promised Land (1975)

54-1 –Elvis Presley Promised Land

54-2 –Elvis Presley There's A Honky Tonk Angel (Who Will Take Me Back In)

54-3 –Elvis Presley Help Me

54-4 –Elvis Presley Mr. Songman

54-5 –Elvis Presley Love Song Of The Year

54-6 –Elvis Presley It's Midnight

54-7 –Elvis Presley Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming

54-8 –Elvis Presley If You Talk In Your Sleep

54-9 –Elvis Presley Thinking About You

54-10 –Elvis Presley You Asked Me To

Elvis Today (1975)

55-1 –Elvis Presley T-R-O-U-B-L-E

55-2 –Elvis Presley And I Love You So

55-3 –Elvis Presley Susan When She Tried

55-4 –Elvis Presley Woman Without Love

55-5 –Elvis Presley Shake A Hand

55-6 –Elvis Presley Pieces Of My Life

55-7 –Elvis Presley Fairytale

55-8 –Elvis Presley I Can Help

55-9 –Elvis Presley Bringin' It Back

55-10 –Elvis Presley Green, Green Grass Of Home

From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee (1976)

56-1 –Elvis Presley Hurt

56-2 –Elvis Presley Never Again

56-3 –Elvis Presley Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain

56-4 –Elvis Presley Danny Boy

56-5 –Elvis Presley The Last Farewell

56-6 –Elvis Presley For The Heart

56-7 –Elvis Presley Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall

56-8 –Elvis Presley Solitaire

56-9 –Elvis Presley Love Coming Down

56-10 –Elvis Presley I'll Never Fall In Love Again

Moody Blue (1977)

57-1 –Elvis Presley Unchained Melody

57-2 –Elvis Presley If You Love Me (Let Me Know)

57-3 –Elvis Presley Little Darlin'

57-4 –Elvis Presley He'll Have To Go

57-5 –Elvis Presley Let Me Be There

57-6 –Elvis Presley Way Down

57-7 –Elvis Presley Pledging My Love

57-8 –Elvis Presley Moody Blue

57-9 –Elvis Presley She Thinks I Still Care

57-10 –Elvis Presley It's Easy For You

From The Vaults -'50s

58-1 –Elvis Presley My Happiness

58-2 –Elvis Presley That's When Your Heartaches Begin

58-3 –Elvis Presley I'll Never Stand In Your Way

58-4 –Elvis Presley It Wouldn't Be The Same Without You

58-5 –Elvis Presley Blue Moon Of Kentucky

58-6 –Elvis Presley Tomorrow Night

58-7 –Elvis Presley Fool, Fool, Fool

58-8 –Elvis Presley I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone

58-9 –Elvis Presley Tweedlee Dee

58-10 –Elvis Presley Maybellene

58-11 –Elvis Presley When It Rains, It Really Pours

58-12 –Elvis Presley One Night (Of Sin)

58-13 –Elvis Presley Loving You

58-14 –Elvis Presley Treat Me Nice

58-15 –Elvis Presley King Creole

58-16 –Elvis Presley Ain't That Loving You Baby

58-17 –Elvis Presley I Asked The Lord

58-18 –Elvis Presley Earth Angel

58-19 –Elvis Presley I'm Beginning To Forget You

58-20 –Elvis Presley Mona Lisa

From The Vaults -'60s

59-1 –Elvis Presley Stuck On You

59-2 –Elvis Presley Fame And Fortune

59-3a –Elvis Presley Witchcraft

59-3b –Elvis Presley Love Me Tender

59-4 –Elvis Presley Lonely Man

59-5 –Elvis Presley Today, Tomorrow And Forever

59-6 –Elvis Presley I'm A Roustabout

59-7 –Elvis Presley If I Loved You

59-8 –Elvis Presley Tennessee Waltz

59-9 –Elvis Presley What Now My Love

59-10 –Elvis Presley Show Me Thy Ways, O Lord

59-11 –Elvis Presley Oh How I Love Jesus

59-12 –Elvis Presley Hide Thou Me

59-13 –Elvis Presley Write To Me From Naples

59-14 –Elvis Presley My Heart Cries For You

59-15 –Elvis Presley Dark Moon

59-16 –Elvis Presley Beyond The Reef

59-17 –Elvis Presley Suppose

59-18 –Elvis Presley It Hurts Me

59-19 –Elvis Presley Let Yourself Go

59-20a –Elvis Presley This Time

59-20b –Elvis Presley I Can't Stop Loving You (Informal Recording)

59-21 –Elvis Presley Are You Lonesome Tonight?

From The Vaults -'70s

60-1 –Elvis Presley A Hundred Years From Now

60-2 –Elvis Presley Faded Love

60-3 –Elvis Presley Ghost Riders In The Sky

60-4 –Elvis Presley Alla En El Rancho Grande

60-5 –Elvis Presley Froggy Went A Courtin'

60-6a –Elvis Presley Little Sister

60-6b –Elvis Presley Get Back

60-7 –Elvis Presley Something

60-8 –Elvis Presley Lady Madonna

60-9 –Elvis Presley I Shall Be Released

60-10 –Elvis Presley My Way

60-11 –Elvis Presley I'll Be Home On Christmas Day

60-12 –Elvis Presley Tiger Man

60-13 –Elvis Presley She Thinks I Still Care

60-14 –Elvis Presley I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

60-15 –Elvis Presley The Twelfth Of Never

60-16 –Elvis Presley You're The Reason I'm Living

60-17 –Elvis Presley Softly As I Leave You

60-18 –Elvis Presley America The Beautiful


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Disc 48/4808-elvis_presley-love_me.mp32.8 MB
Disc 48/4809-elvis_presley-all_shook_up.mp31.7 MB
Disc 48/4810-elvis_presley-heartbreak_hotel.mp32.8 MB
Disc 48/4811-elvis_presley-(let_me_be_your)_teddy_bear_dont_be_cruel.mp33.2 MB
Disc 48/4812-elvis_presley-love_me_tender.mp32.8 MB
Disc 48/4814-elvis_presley-introductions.mp32.7 MB
Disc 48/4815-elvis_presley-hound_dog.mp33 MB
Disc 48/4821-elvis_presley-cant_help_falling_in_love.mp32.8 MB
Disc 48/4822-elvis_presley-closing_vamp.mp31.7 MB
Disc 48/cover.jpg68.7 KB
Disc 49/4901-elvis_presley-also_sprach_zarathustra_(theme_from_2001-_a_space_odyssey).mp31.9 MB
Disc 49/4908-elvis_presley-love_me.mp32.9 MB
Disc 49/4909-elvis_presley-johnny_b._goode.mp32.7 MB
Disc 49/4911-elvis_presley-blue_suede_shoes.mp32 MB
Disc 49/4914-elvis_presley-hound_dog.mp31.4 MB
Disc 49/4917-elvis_presley-welcome_to_my_world.mp32.9 MB
Disc 49/4919-elvis_presley-introductions_by_elvis.mp32.7 MB
Disc 49/4921-elvis_presley-long_tall_sally_whole_lotta_shakin_goin_on.mp33.3 MB
Disc 49/4926-elvis_presley-ku-u-i-po_(bonus_track).mp33.2 MB
Disc 49/4928-elvis_presley-hawaiian_wedding_song_(bonus_track).mp32.9 MB
Disc 49/cover.jpg68.7 KB
Disc 50/5004-elvis_presley-its_still_here.mp33 MB
Disc 50/cover.jpg68.7 KB
Disc 51/5102-elvis_presley-are_you_sincere.mp33 MB
Disc 51/cover.jpg68.7 KB
Disc 52/cover.jpg68.7 KB
Disc 53/5303-elvis_presley-love_me.mp33.1 MB
Disc 53/5313-elvis_presley-lawdy_miss_clawdy.mp33.2 MB
Disc 53/5314-elvis_presley-cant_help_falling_in_love.mp33 MB
Disc 53/5315-elvis_presley-closing_vamp.mp31.3 MB
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Disc 54/cover.jpg68.7 KB
Disc 55/cover.jpg68.7 KB
Disc 56/5601-elvis_presley-hurt.mp33.3 MB
Disc 56/cover.jpg68.7 KB
Disc 57/5703-elvis_presley-little_darlin.mp33 MB
Disc 57/cover.jpg68.7 KB
Disc 58/5801-elvis_presley-my_happiness.mp32.6 MB
Disc 58/5802-elvis_presley-thats_when_your_heartaches_begin.mp33 MB
Disc 58/5803-elvis_presley-ill_never_stand_in_your_way.mp32.2 MB
Disc 58/5804-elvis_presley-it_wouldnt_be_the_same_without_you.mp32.1 MB
Disc 58/5805-elvis_presley-blue_moon_of_kentucky_(alternate_take).mp31.2 MB
Disc 58/5806-elvis_presley-tomorrow_night.mp33.1 MB
Disc 58/5807-elvis_presley-fool_fool_fool.mp32 MB
Disc 58/5808-elvis_presley-im_left_youre_right_shes_gone.mp32.8 MB
Disc 58/5809-elvis_presley-tweedlee_dee.mp32.8 MB
Disc 58/5810-elvis_presley-maybellene.mp32.7 MB
Disc 58/5811-elvis_presley-when_it_rains_it_pours.mp32.2 MB
Disc 58/5812-elvis_presley-one_night_(of_sin).mp32.8 MB
Disc 58/5813-elvis_presley-loving_you_(fast_version).mp31.7 MB
Disc 58/5814-elvis_presley-treat_me_nice_(movie_version).mp32.3 MB
Disc 58/5815-elvis_presley-king_creole_(1st_version_take_3).mp32.4 MB
Disc 58/5816-elvis_presley-aint_that_loving_you_baby_(alternate_take_11).mp32.2 MB
Disc 58/5817-elvis_presley-i_asked_the_lord.mp31.4 MB
Disc 58/5818-elvis_presley-earth_angel.mp32.6 MB
Disc 58/5819-elvis_presley-im_beginning_to_forget_you.mp32.4 MB
Disc 58/5820-elvis_presley-mona_lisa.mp32.6 MB
Disc 58/cover.jpg68.7 KB
Disc 59/5903-elvis_presley-love_me_tender_witchcraft_(duet_with_frank_sinatra).mp32.2 MB
Disc 59/5904-elvis_presley-lonely_man_(solo_version).mp33 MB
Disc 59/5906-elvis_presley-im_a_roustabout_(alternate_title_song-originally_titled_roustabout).mp32.2 MB
Disc 59/5907-elvis_presley-if_i_loved_you.mp32.2 MB
Disc 59/5909-elvis_presley-what_now_my_love.mp33.1 MB
Disc 59/5910-elvis_presley-show_me_thy_ways_o_lord.mp33 MB
Disc 59/5911-elvis_presley-oh_how_i_love_jesus.mp32.2 MB
Disc 59/5914-elvis_presley-my_heart_cries_for_you.mp32.3 MB
Disc 59/5915-elvis_presley-dark_moon.mp32.6 MB
Disc 59/cover.jpg68.7 KB
Disc 60/6001-elvis_presley-a_hundred_years_from_now_(studio_jam).mp32.9 MB
Disc 60/6002-elvis_presley-faded_love_(studio_rehearsal).mp31.2 MB
Disc 60/6004-elvis_presley-alla_en_el_rancho_grande_(rehearsal_jam).mp33.2 MB
Disc 60/6008-elvis_presley-lady_madonna_(studio_jam).mp32.1 MB
Disc 60/6009-elvis_presley-i_shall_be_released.mp31.3 MB
Disc 60/6014-elvis_presley-im_so_lonesome_i_could_cry.mp31.8 MB
Disc 60/6016-elvis_presley-youre_the_reason_im_living.mp32.7 MB
Disc 60/6018-elvis_presley-america_the_beautiful.mp33.1 MB
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