Runrig - 2018-08-18 - The Last Dance, Stirling, Scotland - Incl Support Donnie Munro And Julie Fowlis [AUD]

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Runrig - 2018-08-18 - The Last Dance, Stirling, Scotland - incl  support Donnie Munro and Julie Fowlis [AUD]Runrig - 2018-08-18 - The Last Dance, Stirling, Scotland - incl  support Donnie Munro and Julie Fowlis [AUD]

Runrig - 2018-08-18 - The Last Dance, Stirling, Scotland - incl support Donnie Munro and Julie Fowlis [AUD].torrent
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Donnie Munro/01-Intro.flac17.2 MB
Donnie Munro/02-City of Lights.flac29.9 MB
Donnie Munro/03-Talk.flac6.4 MB
Donnie Munro/04-An Ros.flac24.3 MB
Donnie Munro/05-Talk.flac4.1 MB
Donnie Munro/06-The Cutter.flac24.3 MB
Donnie Munro/07-Talk.flac6.5 MB
Donnie Munro/08-The Wire.flac43.1 MB
Donnie Munro/09-Talk.flac2.7 MB
Donnie Munro/10-The Weaver of Grass.flac39 MB
Donnie Munro/11-Talk.flac6.9 MB
Donnie Munro/12-Danced Called America.flac38.3 MB
info.txt2.9 KB
Julie Fowlis/01-Intro (with Aonghas MacNeacail - Runrig Poem in Gaelic).flac10.4 MB
Julie Fowlis/02-Oran an Roin.flac10.8 MB
Julie Fowlis/03-Hug Air A'Bhonaid Mhoir.flac17.8 MB
Julie Fowlis/04-Fear An Duin Mhor - Chloe's Passion.flac28.2 MB
Julie Fowlis/05-Talk.flac7.8 MB
Julie Fowlis/06-The Old Boys (Runrig Cover).flac21.2 MB
Julie Fowlis/07-Fear a Bhrochain - Domhnall Binn.flac29.5 MB
Julie Fowlis/08-Talk.flac2.8 MB
Julie Fowlis/09-Lon Dubh (Blackbird - Beatle Cover).flac16 MB
Julie Fowlis/10-The Thatcher Set.flac27.9 MB
Julie Fowlis/11-Talk.flac3.4 MB
Julie Fowlis/12-Puirt-A-Beul Set Fodar Dha Na Gamhna Beaga.flac24.5 MB
Julie Fowlis/13-Talk.flac3.9 MB
Julie Fowlis/14-Fuaim a Bhlair (Runrig Cover).flac25.9 MB
Runrig - 2018-08-18 - The Last Dance, Stirling, Scotland - incl. support Donnie Munro and Julie Fowlis [AUD].md54.8 KB
Runrig/01-Intro.flac18.5 MB
Runrig/02-The Years We Shared.flac27.8 MB
Runrig/03-Protect and Survive.flac30.9 MB
Runrig/04-Rocket to the Moon.flac29.7 MB
Runrig/05-Proterra (feat. Laura McGee).flac34.8 MB
Runrig/06-Talk.flac3.2 MB
Runrig/07-The Ship.flac28.6 MB
Runrig/08-Canada.flac30.9 MB
Runrig/09-The Greatest Flame.flac27 MB
Runrig/10-The Stamping Ground.flac27.5 MB
Runrig/11-Cnoc Na Feille.flac34.8 MB
Runrig/12-Onar (feat. Dave Towers).flac36.1 MB
Runrig/13-Talk.flac18.3 MB
Runrig/14-Year of the Flood (Bruce Solo Acoustic).flac24.9 MB
Runrig/15-Talk.flac4.4 MB
Runrig/16-The Wedding.flac17.4 MB
Runrig/17-The Place Where the Rivers Run.flac26.9 MB
Runrig/18-What Time.flac25.9 MB
Runrig/19-Talk.flac2.6 MB
Runrig/20-In Search of Angels (Brain & Malcolm solo).flac20.8 MB
Runrig/21-Talk.flac17 MB
Runrig/22-Going Home.flac26.8 MB
Runrig/23-Cearcal a' Chuain (feat. Donnie Munro & Glasgow Islay Gaelic Choir).flac22.1 MB
Runrig/24-Cum 'Ur n'Aire (feat. Donnie Munro & Glasgow Islay Gaelic Choir).flac25.9 MB
Runrig/25-The Story (feat. Duncan Chisholm).flac39.8 MB
Runrig/26-Maymorning.flac49.3 MB
Runrig/27-Alba.flac31 MB
Runrig/28-Clash of the Ash (feat. Gary Innes).flac40.7 MB
Runrig/29-Skye.flac55.1 MB
Runrig/30-Talk (Band Intro).flac17.5 MB
Runrig/31-Every River.flac38.8 MB
Runrig/32-Applause.flac6.2 MB
Runrig/33-When the Beauty - On the Edge.flac29.4 MB
Runrig/34-Somewhere (feat. Julie Fowlis).flac25.2 MB
Runrig/35-Book of Golden Stories.flac29.5 MB
Runrig/36-Applause.flac9.7 MB
Runrig/37-Pride of the Summer.flac24.5 MB
Runrig/38-An Toll Dubh.flac11.7 MB
Runrig/39-Drum Section.flac16.6 MB
Runrig/40-Loch Lomond.flac52.8 MB
Runrig/41-Talk (Final Words).flac27.4 MB
Runrig/42-Hearts of Olden Glory (Acapella).flac13.9 MB
Runrig/43-Applause - Fireworks over the castle.flac34 MB

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